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All Time Low Young Renegades Tour Review (London/Cardiff)


When All Time Low announced last year that they would tour the UK in March 2017, the whole fanbase knew that it was something not to miss.

Mostly cause we all knew the cycle for Future Hearts had ended, so it could only mean one thing: NEW. MUSIC. FOR ALL TIME LOW.

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Quick post !

Hey everyone !

For the past couple days, I’ve unfortunately haven’t been posting, but it’s for 2 reasons.

1/ I’ve been busy writing the best reviews I could and finding the best music for you to enjoy.
2/ I’ve been packing for a little trip !

Indeed, I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a week away (why ? Suspense… You’ll find out more next week !)

So in the meantime, I wish you a good long week end (I know mine will be exhausting but exhilarating and full of emotions), and on that, I’ll leave you with two perfect songs which not only will give you a hint on my whereabouts, but also good tunes for the week end !

Have fun and be safe !

(and if you really feel like following my adventures, you can always follow me on twitter or add me on snapchat 😉      –> frenchtom34 )

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Beauty And The Beast – Music Video


Those are my exact thoughts as I am currently listening and watching at the music video for one of my most played song ever: Beauty And The Beast (the original version anyway).

In case you didn’t know, Beauty And The Beast is competing for the spot of my favorite Disney movie with Lilo And Stitch. But the soundtrack of BATB wins HANDS. DOWN.  (plus I’m kinda attached to this movie, it’s as old as I am, it came out in 1991 haha #BestYearEver)

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Sunday Funday Start ?

Hey guys !

Today marks the end of the week and I don’t know how it’s been for you guys, but I know I’ve had a rough one (sleep-wise, sleep’s a bitch sometimes haha).

How was your Sunday ?

Mine was spent watching movies, trying to translate some posts (I’m saying “trying” not cause I was failing to do so, but more ’cause it took me some time to do only one because of outside distractions… such as Netflix haha), listening to some music and  lazying around !

My iPod did a really funny thing and gave me a blast from the past when Avril Lavigne’s Let Go album came on shuffle, and sent me back to 2002. Oh the memories.
Anyway, here’s a song for your night, hoping it’ll comfort you the way it comforts me from time to time. It can be considered as a sad song, but I personally consider it a hug. A giant, warm hug, from a person who knows the struggle of feeling lonely from time to time.

Have a good night, people !

Avril Lavigne – I’m With You

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LINKIN PARK – HEAVY presentation + covers

Who hasn’t been waiting for new LP material ? I KNOW I WAS !

With all its latests releases, Linkin Park got to us and proved that not only can they change and evolve, but they can also be good at it !

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Just a little something to introduce a new category/page

Hey everyone !

Something new comes adding up to the blog, the “Everyday Life” page/category !

What will the page be about ?

I’ll talk about mostly anything that comes to my mind, whether it be movies I liked, video games, trailers, books or tv series !

Don’t hesitate to come and send me a message or a comment to let me know what cool new stuff you’re into so I can check it out too and review it ! 😉


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(Pics on the bottom of the post and spotify playlist of the setlist *wink wink*)

Ok, how could I not start this post with that more than mythical lyric ?

A long time ago (okay it was 2011, but it feels like forever), A Day To Remember came to the town where I was studying and I even had a ticket BUT a storm was announced and I wasn’t sure I’d have a train back to my folk’s house on the next day (and get that I was barely 20 and absolutely wanted to go back to my parent’s on the week ends) SO, I did the worst thing I could: I didn’t go to the concert. And to this day, I’ve regretted it for every single second.

I got to know ADTR through their album Homesick (which is my favorite album by them, but that’s another topic) and I have been a fan since. I’d never gotten the chance to see them yet, but that all changed when the BAD VIBES WORLD TOUR came through Paris !  Continue reading A DAY TO REMEMBER BAD VIBES WORLD TOUR (Paris)