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LINKIN PARK – HEAVY presentation + covers

Who hasn’t been waiting for new LP material ? I KNOW I WAS !

With all its latests releases, Linkin Park got to us and proved that not only can they change and evolve, but they can also be good at it !

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Just a little something to introduce a new category/page

Hey everyone !

Something new comes adding up to the blog, the “Everyday Life” page/category !

What will the page be about ?

I’ll talk about mostly anything that comes to my mind, whether it be movies I liked, video games, trailers, books or tv series !

Don’t hesitate to come and send me a message or a comment to let me know what cool new stuff you’re into so I can check it out too and review it ! 😉


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(Pics on the bottom of the post and spotify playlist of the setlist *wink wink*)

Ok, how could I not start this post with that more than mythical lyric ?

A long time ago (okay it was 2011, but it feels like forever), A Day To Remember came to the town where I was studying and I even had a ticket BUT a storm was announced and I wasn’t sure I’d have a train back to my folk’s house on the next day (and get that I was barely 20 and absolutely wanted to go back to my parent’s on the week ends) SO, I did the worst thing I could: I didn’t go to the concert. And to this day, I’ve regretted it for every single second.

I got to know ADTR through their album Homesick (which is my favorite album by them, but that’s another topic) and I have been a fan since. I’d never gotten the chance to see them yet, but that all changed when the BAD VIBES WORLD TOUR came through Paris !  Continue reading A DAY TO REMEMBER BAD VIBES WORLD TOUR (Paris)

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I’ve always been one to love finding new bands, new things in music, or simply that one tune that’ll send me somewhere else for the little while of it (aka the 3 minutes of the song most of the time).
And I’m glad I did find another new band to obsess over !

First time I discovered that band (thanks Spotify!), I remember that I was astonished by their sound.

It was fresh, it was new, it was GOOD.

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YOU ME AT SIX – NIGHT PEOPLE: It’s what you want, it’s what you need !

I don’t think I could have said it better Rose !

It’s how I feel anyway. You Me At Six is possibly to me, one of the greatest bands ever. It’s one of the first bands that influenced me as an artist, one of the only people in the world who gets me. All sides of me. The romantic one, the angry one, the disgusted-by-how-people-are-sometimes side. All the sides of my personality, and that’s why, they’ve easily become one of the best bands in my life. (And it’s also one of the reasons why I’ve actually got a bit of You Me At Six inked in me as a tattoo, of their lyrics).

In 2014, You Me At Six put out their album Cavalier Youth and achieved the number one spot of the charts, well deserved.

But this album is now in the past, and they’ve moved on. And they let us know with a really fresh and new record coming as NIGHT PEOPLE.

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I first discovered As It Is when I found out they were signed to Fearless Records. Honestly: COULDN’T HAVE THOUGHT OF A BETTER IDEA.

Never Happy, Ever After came out in 2015, and it easily became one of my most played record that year. We’d always been hearing different and various things in the music scene, but there was just something with them… something fresh, something new !
And I was right !
(Just for the sake of it, here’s a look into the first single off Never Happy, Ever After and the one that won over my heart)

After a successful first album, and a deluxe edition out a year later, we were all expecting new music from the band, looking forward to that yet again new fresh sound !

And they came, and gave us just what we wanted !

There are few albums that I can listen, from beginning to end, without skipping at least one song, and friends, THEY MADE IT HAPPEN.

Earlier this year, As It Is granted us the gift of OKAY.

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“Dirty Laundry looks good on you”

Of course my first post had to be about them…

On the 17th of February 2017, All Time Low released Dirty Laundry. After nearly two years since Future Hearts came out (celebration in April people), All Time Low gave us new music !


The band had been quite cryptic regarding their whereabouts for the past few months (and god knows we love to follow alex’s and jack’s adventures on snapchat and we were all scooping for new hints or new music or a slip-up) but finally, after teasing us for a whole week, THEY DELIVERED !

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« Hello… It’s me… »

Hello to all !

I honestly didn’t think I’d have the courage or the guts to put myself out there the way I’m doing at the moment but eh ! Look at me !

So first things first: WELCOME ! And sorry for the obvious Adele joke in the title for this article. But it was so obvious, I HAD to do it !

I’m Tom, and I bid thee to enter my little world hoping you’ll like what you see/read/hear !

Few things to know about me:

  • I love music
  • I love concerts
  • I love bands
  • I love travelling to see bands
  • I love Harry Potter and Pokémon WAYYYYYY too much
  • I LIVE for disney movies, songs and *sigh* a disney-kind-of happy ending
  • I’m a musician, I play guitar, and I try to sing (but that’s a whole other thing)
  • I love watching tv shows on Netflix and other media platform
  • I love reading
  • I love social medias
  • But I also love the quietness of being disconnected sometimes !

But most of all… I LOVE LIVING.


Across this blog, you’ll see concert/live reports, album reviews, movie reviews, singles reviews, vlogs, polls, opinions about this song or that album and I’m open to any suggestions you might have to help improve the blog !

In my life, there isn’t a single moment that goes by without music. Whether it’s on my iPod, my phone, at work, when I workout, when I go through the many stages of emotions that life allows me to feel. And I want to share that with you guys !

Hope you’ll like it and like what you’ll read, I know I’m enjoying myself in my bubble !

Once again… Welcome !!