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It’s all a game of chance they say in Wonderland… 12th Anniversary

Hi guys !

Today’s post, is gonna be about an album that holds a special place in my heart.


Indeed, today celebrates the 12th year anniversary of the album and I couldn’t be prouder and happier than to call it my favorite album of all time !

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All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell… is PVRIS

I remember the first time I went online and found through youtube and the Rise Records channel a new band then, who had just been signed.


Curious of a band whose name is the capital of my birth country, I decided to check it, and on the first notes of the song ( St Patrick I remember it is), I immediately fell in love with them.
What attracted me was not only their sound, their lyrics, but also their aesthetic which weirdly makes me see life in black and white (both their albums have black and white covers) and a world of their own, mixed between Tim Burton movies, Edgar Allen Poe poetry and nowadays music.

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And she’s coming for blood and ready to stop playing nice and actually own up to the reputation that people have built for her. Taylor will always be Taylor, but this time, she’s had enough of your bullshit and she’s ready to kick your ass if you don’t leave her alone (and I love dark Taylor ! *giggles like the first time I saw dark Willow in Buffy The Vampire Slayer*)


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Update !

Hi everyone !

Sorry for the lack of news this month, it’s been quite crazy !

But I promise you, lots of new things in store music-wise, lots of excitement !

Also, know that there are lots to come, as I’ve decided it was maybe time to talk about things that matter to me, and not just music (although, a lot of what matters to me is connected or linked to music, so expect a bit of that too, still 😉 )

Hope you guys will still be there when everything unfolds !

In the meantime, here’s a cover song that I absolute am CRAZY of by yet another great band !

Here’s the Can’t Feel My Face cover for Punk Goes Pop 7 by The Amity Affliction ! Available on iTunes

FYI: this song is originally by The Weeknd, from his sophomore album Beauty Behind The Madness and is a song about one’s love for another. I’ve been so addicted to that song, it’s crazy. So when I say that this cover is getting me all pumped, it’s really an understatement ! Hope you enjoy it !

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Last night, the world came as one.

There were no more boundaries of the genres in music. No more ‘pop’, or ‘rock’, or ‘rap’.

Last night there was no more barriers, or hate or division amongst fanbases. Last night, music was as one.

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I previously did a post starting with the famous « THEY. ARE. PARAMOOOOOOOORE » that we all know has echoed through every show they’ve ever played. And guess what. Here it goes again !


Remember a month ago, when the whole internet freaked out at the sudden change in PP on social medias from Paramore ?

Remember when they also announced a new single AND a new album AND a new tour ? All of which would be out and happening within a month ?

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4 years is WAYYYYYY too long to wait ! And we’ve waited enough !


And they’re back stronger than ever !

Paramore’s self titled album takes us back to 2013, and a slightly different line-up. But the past is the past, and not only do Paramore welcome former drummer Zac Farro into their ranks, but they also welcome new aesthetics, new sound, catchier than ever, and sounding like summer.
If you didn’t know what to listen to during those long days, spent at the beach or even driving to work dreaming of the beach, that song will take you there !

And they’re back with not JUST a single and a music video. No. That’d be way to simple lol.

They’re back with a full album coming out May 12th on Fueled By Ramen, called AFTER LAUGHTER and a “small tour” in June.

When Paramore comes back, they come back in style ! Please enjoy the music video below and press that replay button as much as I do, cause the song is THAT good and addictive !

AFTER LAUGHTER out on Fueled By Ramen on May 12th, get your pre-orders here

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JACK STRIFY : Burnin’ Up In Illusions , interview of an artist

I remember being in high school and looking for someone to look up to. Someone who was different, because I felt different. And I didn’t know that being different was okay back then. And I’m glad I found someone who proved me that it was not only okay, but also a strength to rely on.

Going back 10 years ago, things were different. And I’m glad I had someone to set a stepping stone in the acceptance of who I was and staying true to myself.

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