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Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of getting a text on a group chat I have with my best friends, that State Champs were about to release a new record and they’d soon be on the road playing it (the joys of modernity and internet access), but we had no set date.

Considering State Champs to be one of my absolute favorite pop-punk band nowadays, you can guess how excited and happy I was this morning, waking up to go to work, and finding out that not only had the album a release date, but it also came with a single ! And I was STOKED ! It honestly made my day !


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Music Of The Week (March Madness #1)

Hey guys !

We’re halfway into march almost, and I’m so happy cause it means that more and more shows are coming up ! Usually March and April are the busiest months concert-wise ! But that’s not what I’m here to talk about !
I’m here to talk about the latest music I’ve been listening to lately !

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Hi guys !

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately, but I promise, there’s a lot coming !

First of all, as you know, my process of moving to the UK is gonna be over soon, so I’ll be posting about this as well.

Also, I’m in the process of putting up a youtube channel and hope you guys will like it and what will be on it.

And if you wanna get hooked a little more, here’s a glimpse of things to come in the first few weeks of 2018:
– Courage My Love interview + concert review
– SECRETS interview + concert review
– ROAM interview + Stand Atlantic interview
– PVRIS show review + pictures
– NORMANDIE + Ryan Key concert review + interview
– The Wrecks interview
– South Berkeley interview

Hope you’ll like all of this !

And if you’re feeling nostalgic, a Christmas playlist and article is coming this week ! Stay tuned !

Peace out guys !

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HIGHTOWER – Club Dragon review, slaying punk rock

Hey guys !

Today’s band is one from my own country and I’m actually glad I got to have them sent my way, cause they’re REALLY GOOD !

They’re called Hightower and have just released an album called Club Dragon via Krod Records.

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Quick post !

Hey everyone !

For the past couple days, I’ve unfortunately haven’t been posting, but it’s for 2 reasons.

1/ I’ve been busy writing the best reviews I could and finding the best music for you to enjoy.
2/ I’ve been packing for a little trip !

Indeed, I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a week away (why ? Suspense… You’ll find out more next week !)

So in the meantime, I wish you a good long week end (I know mine will be exhausting but exhilarating and full of emotions), and on that, I’ll leave you with two perfect songs which not only will give you a hint on my whereabouts, but also good tunes for the week end !

Have fun and be safe !

(and if you really feel like following my adventures, you can always follow me on twitter or add me on snapchat 😉      –> frenchtom34 )