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State Champs are pop punk success LIVING PROOFS

Last year, as I was preparing myself to a period with no new SC, I eventually had my needs met when they outed a new song and new acoustic versions of their songs. And god knows I’m a sucker for anything acoustic. But I still felt like only two new songs weren’t enough. 

To be noted: I also missed them when they came to the south of France for a unique date and I literally screamed that whole night long cause I was so gutted to have missed them.

But anyway.

Now, our boys are back !

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VERMILLION ROAD on their way to great things !

Hiya everyone !

As you know, I’m back with your weekly dose of music discovery !

This time, I’ve been in touch with them over a couple weeks but wanted to get everything before writing anything. The band I’m about to introduce to you is the awesome VERMILLION ROAD.

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They’re Y.O.U.N.G. and the opposite of LAZY !

Hiya guys !

So, as some of you may know (as I’ve talked about it here and on social medias), I’ve recently moved to Manchester. Which means that the last couple months have been quite busy and quite full ! I have quite a few interviews to publish but still haven’t finished editing them, so forgive me for that *hides face like the monkey emoji*

Manchester is great for many things, and one of the things I was made aware of, was the music scene.

So it’s without any surprise (but still surprised still, cause why haven’t I heard about them before) that I’m bringing to you, a band that I’ll not only be on the look-out for, but also will become a huge fan of: Y.O.U.N.G. !

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As if you needed another reason to love Waterparks, they come out of their shells with a sophomore album that’s even better than their previous one (and that’s to say a lot, cause it was FLAWLESS)

And yet, they’ve done it again: another album where I’ve got nothing to say (and I’m actually happy about having nothing to say cause then I can only say nice things about it and not bitch about it).


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We Are Majør (and about to majorly blow out minds, so listen to them now!)

Hey guys !

Sorry for the lack of news, it’s been a crazy month, and I’ll write about it sometime soon ! If you haven’t heard from reading my social medias or anywhere, I’m currently in the process of moving from one country to another, and it’s tiring, it’s adjusting to a whole new ensemble of things, but it’s sooooo worth it !

What’s been getting me through all the stress and all the tiredness, is music. And I’m about to give you some really good stress-relief music !


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This isn’t an easy one to write, but I felt like I had to, especially in light of recent events.

A couple months ago, stories and facts started coming up on all social medias, and masks started falling down.

I say “started” as of now, we still don’t know the extent of everything.

Something happened, that never should’ve happened.



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Sometimes you find a band that hits so close to home, that everything they do and everything they sing about, just becomes a reflection of your own life.

This song only came out a couple days ago, but not only was it as if I’d known it all my life, but it also was a perfect description of how I felt at some point in my life and how I feel some days.

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Hi guys !

I’d like today take a moment and remind everyone that American rock band Our Last Night has begun this week on European soil and if you haven’t, you HAVE to take a ticket and a chance to go and see them !

With no less than 6 EPs and 4 LPs, the band’s got a large selection of songs to offer and give us many reasons to mosh and jump !

I’ve been wanting to see them for YEARS but never got around to it cause they never came close to where I lived, and now’s the chance, so I’ll be attending the Toulouse show on the 17th !

In case you were wondering, you can find the dates below as to where to catch up with them (and tickets are getting hard to get as most dates are close to selling out so jump on the occasion quick !)

And take a listen below if you don’t already know them, here’s one of their latest song called Tongue Tied, and the amazing Logic cover (which is one of my favorite covers ever to be honest, it’s THAT good !)

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NECK DEEP INCIDENT: Fans Heroes (and thoughts about it)

Last night, I was browsing twitter as per usual, when I came across multiple videos from Neck Deep’s show in Nottingham Rock City. So I had to give my two cents about it. Sorry #NotSorry

Whatever the security’s reasons were, there’s never a reason to get physical with fans at a punk show, especially when you know there’s bound to be crowdsurfing and it’s bound to get a little rowdy (but all in good fun, no violence).
Neck Deep stoop up for their fans and are now standing as heroes in the pop punk scene (and I’m the fist one to admire how greatly they’ve handled the situation and how fucking amazing it is that bands actually do care that much about fans)

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