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Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of getting a text on a group chat I have with my best friends, that State Champs were about to release a new record and they’d soon be on the road playing it (the joys of modernity and internet access), but we had no set date.

Considering State Champs to be one of my absolute favorite pop-punk band nowadays, you can guess how excited and happy I was this morning, waking up to go to work, and finding out that not only had the album a release date, but it also came with a single ! And I was STOKED ! It honestly made my day !


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VERMILLION ROAD on their way to great things !

Hiya everyone !

As you know, I’m back with your weekly dose of music discovery !

This time, I’ve been in touch with them over a couple weeks but wanted to get everything before writing anything. The band I’m about to introduce to you is the awesome VERMILLION ROAD.

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Hey guys !

Lately I’ve been in the mood to chill and enjoy the last few moments of peace I have before getting back to a day-job. And to do so, I needed to have the appropriate music, you know ? That song that makes you feel like you’re on holiday, ready to relax in a bubble-bath or in a jacuzzi overlooking the cold mountains ?

Well tell you what: I found that feeling in EPIC EMPIRE.


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I’m in LAUV with this !

Hey guys !

So, I was browsing through my mails, as usual, when I got a new mail today, with a song. A song, which honestly caught my eye just by its title. And I don’t regret a single moment clicking on it, considering I’m officially OBSESSED with it and have paused my movie just to listen to it over and over and over !

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They’re Y.O.U.N.G. and the opposite of LAZY !

Hiya guys !

So, as some of you may know (as I’ve talked about it here and on social medias), I’ve recently moved to Manchester. Which means that the last couple months have been quite busy and quite full ! I have quite a few interviews to publish but still haven’t finished editing them, so forgive me for that *hides face like the monkey emoji*

Manchester is great for many things, and one of the things I was made aware of, was the music scene.

So it’s without any surprise (but still surprised still, cause why haven’t I heard about them before) that I’m bringing to you, a band that I’ll not only be on the look-out for, but also will become a huge fan of: Y.O.U.N.G. !

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Sometimes you find a band that hits so close to home, that everything they do and everything they sing about, just becomes a reflection of your own life.

This song only came out a couple days ago, but not only was it as if I’d known it all my life, but it also was a perfect description of how I felt at some point in my life and how I feel some days.

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And she’s coming for blood and ready to stop playing nice and actually own up to the reputation that people have built for her. Taylor will always be Taylor, but this time, she’s had enough of your bullshit and she’s ready to kick your ass if you don’t leave her alone (and I love dark Taylor ! *giggles like the first time I saw dark Willow in Buffy The Vampire Slayer*)


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Update !

Hi everyone !

Sorry for the lack of news this month, it’s been quite crazy !

But I promise you, lots of new things in store music-wise, lots of excitement !

Also, know that there are lots to come, as I’ve decided it was maybe time to talk about things that matter to me, and not just music (although, a lot of what matters to me is connected or linked to music, so expect a bit of that too, still 😉 )

Hope you guys will still be there when everything unfolds !

In the meantime, here’s a cover song that I absolute am CRAZY of by yet another great band !

Here’s the Can’t Feel My Face cover for Punk Goes Pop 7 by The Amity Affliction ! Available on iTunes

FYI: this song is originally by The Weeknd, from his sophomore album Beauty Behind The Madness and is a song about one’s love for another. I’ve been so addicted to that song, it’s crazy. So when I say that this cover is getting me all pumped, it’s really an understatement ! Hope you enjoy it !