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ALL TIME LOW CONCERT REVIEW – “You were my last young renegade heartache”

All good things come to an end, and sometimes, I wish things didn’t. Especially when they were that good.

Wednesday October 18th 2017, All Time Low came on their only French date on this tour, to beautiful pink city Toulouse.

I’ve had my share of All Time Low concerts (and there’s never enough ATL concerts, believe me), but this one came in time, just like your favorite song coming on shuffle when you need it the most.

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Hi guys !

I’d like today take a moment and remind everyone that American rock band Our Last Night has begun this week on European soil and if you haven’t, you HAVE to take a ticket and a chance to go and see them !

With no less than 6 EPs and 4 LPs, the band’s got a large selection of songs to offer and give us many reasons to mosh and jump !

I’ve been wanting to see them for YEARS but never got around to it cause they never came close to where I lived, and now’s the chance, so I’ll be attending the Toulouse show on the 17th !

In case you were wondering, you can find the dates below as to where to catch up with them (and tickets are getting hard to get as most dates are close to selling out so jump on the occasion quick !)

And take a listen below if you don’t already know them, here’s one of their latest song called Tongue Tied, and the amazing Logic cover (which is one of my favorite covers ever to be honest, it’s THAT good !)

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HIGHTOWER – Club Dragon review, slaying punk rock

Hey guys !

Today’s band is one from my own country and I’m actually glad I got to have them sent my way, cause they’re REALLY GOOD !

They’re called Hightower and have just released an album called Club Dragon via Krod Records.

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NECK DEEP INCIDENT: Fans Heroes (and thoughts about it)

Last night, I was browsing twitter as per usual, when I came across multiple videos from Neck Deep’s show in Nottingham Rock City. So I had to give my two cents about it. Sorry #NotSorry

Whatever the security’s reasons were, there’s never a reason to get physical with fans at a punk show, especially when you know there’s bound to be crowdsurfing and it’s bound to get a little rowdy (but all in good fun, no violence).
Neck Deep stoop up for their fans and are now standing as heroes in the pop punk scene (and I’m the fist one to admire how greatly they’ve handled the situation and how fucking amazing it is that bands actually do care that much about fans)

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Wake Me Up When September Ends…

If you’re into pop-punk or punk-rock and you haven’t seen one of those statuses yet, then are you really into it ?

September is coming to an end, and somehow, every year since it came out, at least at some point, you HAVE to have the “Wake me up when September ends” status somewhere. But tell me, do you have interesting stories about it ?

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LADY GAGA, a FIVE FOOT TWO pop giant mother monster

I’ve been meaning to write about Gaga for quite a bit now, wanting to review her album and all, but never got quite around to it. Finally, I’ve sat myself up with a cup of coffee this morning, got on Netflix, and noticed that Gaga’s new documentary was up.

It came out September 22nd and I had planned to watch it at some point, so it was all for the best ! I could watch it, and write about it, also talking about Joanne at the same time, as we come closer to the 1 year anniversary of the album.

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