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I previously did a post starting with the famous « THEY. ARE. PARAMOOOOOOOORE » that we all know has echoed through every show they’ve ever played. And guess what. Here it goes again !


Remember a month ago, when the whole internet freaked out at the sudden change in PP on social medias from Paramore ?

Remember when they also announced a new single AND a new album AND a new tour ? All of which would be out and happening within a month ?

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MANOLO PANIC – CHINCHILLA Album review + Interview

There are bands that you know that you’re gonna like from the first string that’s played on the first song you hear. It’s been like that with Manolo Panic !

One day, you check your mails, and you see that someone hints you toward listening to a band. And when you do, you think to yourself  « How is this gonna be ? ». Thankfully, I’m open to any new music, I love music so much. And I was glad I did open myself to new music and open my mails to find them out.

Manolo Panic is one of those bands that, when you listen to them, you just feel cool. And they slowly become a new obsession !

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All Time Low Young Renegades Tour Review (London/Cardiff)


When All Time Low announced last year that they would tour the UK in March 2017, the whole fanbase knew that it was something not to miss.

Mostly cause we all knew the cycle for Future Hearts had ended, so it could only mean one thing: NEW. MUSIC. FOR ALL TIME LOW.

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YOU ME AT SIX – NIGHT PEOPLE: It’s what you want, it’s what you need !

I don’t think I could have said it better Rose !

It’s how I feel anyway. You Me At Six is possibly to me, one of the greatest bands ever. It’s one of the first bands that influenced me as an artist, one of the only people in the world who gets me. All sides of me. The romantic one, the angry one, the disgusted-by-how-people-are-sometimes side. All the sides of my personality, and that’s why, they’ve easily become one of the best bands in my life. (And it’s also one of the reasons why I’ve actually got a bit of You Me At Six inked in me as a tattoo, of their lyrics).

In 2014, You Me At Six put out their album Cavalier Youth and achieved the number one spot of the charts, well deserved.

But this album is now in the past, and they’ve moved on. And they let us know with a really fresh and new record coming as NIGHT PEOPLE.

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I first discovered As It Is when I found out they were signed to Fearless Records. Honestly: COULDN’T HAVE THOUGHT OF A BETTER IDEA.

Never Happy, Ever After came out in 2015, and it easily became one of my most played record that year. We’d always been hearing different and various things in the music scene, but there was just something with them… something fresh, something new !
And I was right !
(Just for the sake of it, here’s a look into the first single off Never Happy, Ever After and the one that won over my heart)

After a successful first album, and a deluxe edition out a year later, we were all expecting new music from the band, looking forward to that yet again new fresh sound !

And they came, and gave us just what we wanted !

There are few albums that I can listen, from beginning to end, without skipping at least one song, and friends, THEY MADE IT HAPPEN.

Earlier this year, As It Is granted us the gift of OKAY.

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