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State Champs are pop punk success LIVING PROOFS

Last year, as I was preparing myself to a period with no new SC, I eventually had my needs met when they outed a new song and new acoustic versions of their songs. And god knows I’m a sucker for anything acoustic. But I still felt like only two new songs weren’t enough. 

To be noted: I also missed them when they came to the south of France for a unique date and I literally screamed that whole night long cause I was so gutted to have missed them.

But anyway.

Now, our boys are back !

They’ve been away for almost a year and are definitely back in our ears and with tunes that’ll stick to your mind for ages.

When Dead And Gone came out, I have to admit that though I loved it cause it was State Champs, I was expecting more, BECAUSE IT WAS STATE CHAMPS.

But I was just glad to have new music from them and know that I was about to get more.

When Crystal Ball then came out, I knew it was the song I had been waiting for. It had energy, that little pop punk kick I love, and mostly, lyrics I absolutely adore relating to.

Eventually, when the next songs came out, I was determined not to listen to them cause I wanted to keep the surprise for when the album came out.

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the album to review it, and the reason I didn’t do it straight away is simple: I wanted to let the album sink in before I wrote anything, and have listened to it a bunch of times.

On repeat all week is an understatement, cause truly, it’s all I’ve been listening to.


It is THAT good.

It’s the kind of album that you think “I’m glad it came out before the summer” cause I can definitely see myself rocking a tank top, sunglasses on, and endless cocktails on sight, just for my own pleasure to listening to an album that makes me THIS happy.

Now, onto a few favorites of mine to let you know why this album is the best you’ll hear this year. 

There again, I’ll repeat, this interpretation of the songs is just how I read into the lyrics and how they make me feel, not how the artists have written the songs nor the feeling they’re trying to pass through. But that’s the beauty of it, music is free of interpretation with lyrics and wordings !

So I hope you’ll like those songs as much as I did and feel the same things I did.

Here goes !

This song is the starter of this album, and by it’s upbeat tempo and its lyrics depicting a relationship and how you can get tangled in that relationship to the point where you feel like the other person is just stealing your heart and stomping on it at the same time, is pretty accurate. Bonus points for starting the album (and the song) with Derek singing and a guitar with fading in music behind before an exploding first chorus with a sick bass-line

This song is, to me, about being in a relationship that is rocky and the other person is about to let you go.
I can only feel chills when I hear the lines “Maybe I messed up a little, or maybe I’m a little messed up, we’ve been walking on ice but is it strong enough ?”. I personally get hyper jealous when I’m in a relationship due to asshole-exes, therefore I know that a lot of my insecurities reflect on my relationships now. And if I could give you a piece of advice: don’t let them prevent you from striking a perfect home-run by scoring the person of your dreams. This song however proves that sometimes, a heartbreak or breaking relationship can be subject to become a great pop-punk anthem.

Safe Haven
Here, I feel like really it’s about taking chances and making the most of being in love. It doesn’t matter where you are, or how far apart you are, safe haven is where you feel like the other person is all you need to feel home and safe.
For a long while, my safe haven was a concert venue. It’s not necessarily where you sleep or where you are alone, it’s where you felt your knees shaking for the first time or have heart palpitation just looking at that other person.
I love how Safe Haven perfectly describes that feeling of falling in love.

The Fix Up
The Fix Up is about when you get to that point of the relationship and you stay together trying to save what’s left. This song is giving me major 2009 The Maine/All Time Low feels, and I’m HERE FOR IT.
Thank you for writing such a good pop punk sad song that I can listen to when I feel like things are not going ok !

Time Machine
Do you know that part you get to, where you know you messed up and you hurt someone so bad that you see them get to a self-destruct point ? Unfortunately I’ve always been on the other end of the stick, but if any of the persons that hurt me had a heart, whether it was intentional or not, I wish this is the kind of thing they would say to make themselves be forgiven. Plus, bonus for Mark Hoppus singing on it and adding that extra emo feels to the song and making want to cry my eyes out.

I think the irony of the song and the choice of its place in the track listing, aka last, is really funny, as the whole album almost paints the decaying and different phases of a relationship that went down the toilets, and this here is how you feel on a first date with someone new.
I personally love that feeling of being with someone that’s shy and that wants to conquer your heart and feel reckless and feel adventurous with you.
I love being in a relationship, but the way I see it, this should be an everlasting feeling when you get with someone. So this song can either be interpreted as a start with someone new or a new start with the same person.


If I had to give a grading, I’d give a 10/10 to this album. Not a single song that doesn’t stand out, not a single moment where I was bored, and mostly, not a single song I didn’t want to dance to as in, I’m close to buying tickets to follow State Champs on tour throughout their whole EU/UK tour cause I long to hear those songs live and feel the lyrics and their energy on stage !

I thought that Around The World And Back was their best album yet. Clearly they proved me wrong and that they can outdo themselves and better themselves ! And I feel that’s what the future holds for State Champs, only bettering themselves and their sound and become the next Blink of our generation. 

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