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HAPPY PRIDE MONTH ! Update + “Love, Simon” Review

Hi guys !

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but it feels good to be back and feel like I have something to say.

Having moved to the UK from France, I was settling in during a couple months and finally between march and April, I found a job and had to settle there too, which meant, a lot of training and a lot of things to learn. But totally worth it as now I have a day-job I actually really like with really amazing co-workers.


Now I’m back for good, and I hope you’ll all still be expecting my posts (as some are long overdue but didn’t get round to it till recently *coughs SECRETS INTERVIEW, COURAGE MY LOVE, STAND ATLANTIC, LIKE PACIFIC* ).

Onto the main topic for the article !

As some of you may know, it’s Pride month ! So, HAPPY PRIDE EVERYBODY      

Being the good gay I am, I had to start Pride month by watching a gay movie which came out recently.


The trailer really caught my eye when it came out, and I wanted to see it ever since; but unfortunately, it turned out that I actually missed it in the cinema as I was quite busy (hence the lack of posts) and I even missed on some good movies. I’m now catching up on everything bits by bits.

Love, Simon is a 2018 movie about a teenager who hides a secret. Being gay. One day, he starts falling for someone over mails, and eventually things take a new turn when one of his classmates blackmails him over it. Love, friendship, sexuality… Lots of emotions for an 18yo guy.

I was afraid to see yet another gay movie with clichés in it and too little blurred lines over what it really feels like to be gay in high school. I know I’ve had a shit experience.
In the first half of the movie, I see Halloween, Panic At The Disco, Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones. Honestly, I was conquered just by this !
One of the most important theme of the movie was, to me, the fact that Simon was blackmailed by someone who knew his secret and took advantage of it.
When you’re unsure about yourself or your feelings, it’s hard enough to try to own up to them, without having someone come in and try to use your weakness against you. Rumours are easy to throw out there and it’s easy to point the finger. It’s less easy for the person who’s then getting the attention. Cause guess what ? Feelings are worsened and the security you thought you had or the little “escape” from real life (aka having to tell your parents) is all of a sudden threatened because you’re thinking “who will tell them ? I should do it…”

There’s a line in the movie that said “It was MY experience, it was MY coming out. You stole that away from me” (ok, more or less that, but the heart’s in it).

It really hit home to me, as I think the most important part of a coming out and coming to term with your sexuality, is the moment where YOU decide to be who you are. Not according to someone or done through someone else, but YOUR terms, YOUR words, YOUR experience, YOUR feelings.

I had to tell my parents because of a heartbreak which ate me inside and really got me in a bad shape. In this movie, Simon feels pressured to come out to his parents and then his friends cause he’s scared of someone else telling his secret and he wants to make sure people understand he’s still the same, not matter of his sexuality.

Another character which is present in the movie (not as much as I thought or wished he could’ve been) is Ethan, who is the only openly gay kid in school.
I wished we could’ve had a little more background or interaction with him, not necessarily as a romantic interest with the main character, but more because he is an openly black gay kid. And that’s a struggle that should’ve been dug on a little more. But the fact that he’s there and gives a bit of support towards Simon is something I greatly appreciated.

Then there’s the matter of the parents. Not all parents react as good as Simon’s parents did. That’s the reality of it. But I think the point of the movie there was to set an example and show parents that THIS is how you’re supposed to react. Not throw your kids out. Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel really did a good job there, especially considering Simon depicts his parents as a total cliché of “fell in love in high school, were popular and now are at the peak of their lives” and it feels somehow like he doesn’t want to be a burden to them. Simon’s parents reactions both moved me really much, because it was just full of love, and full of truth. Just like any coming out should be.

He goes on saying something along the line of  “once I’ll get to college, I’ll dress fully gay and embrace my gay”.
There again, I related so much. I’ve always been a lot pop-punk, rock, but never allowed myself to do things that were supposedly “gay” when I was in high school, mainly cause I was one of the rare few people who were openly gay too (though always had the fear someone would tell my parents), and also cause I always thought “I just have to stick it out till the end of high school and then I’ll be gone and do my own thing when I’m in college”. Reality of the thing was: I should’ve just be myself from the start.

It’s a lot to ask, to a 16-17 years old, to own up to who he wants to be. Cause there’s always that scare of “what will happen when they’ll know”, and people are so unpredictable that it’s hard to really focus on yourself when you’re so focused on trying to do everything right so the right persons react in a good way.

Then, the reactions of the friends, who honestly were amazing to watch as in, kids nowadays are seeing so much on tele that by the time they get to high school, they’re okay with most things. Of course that doesn’t prevent some of being dicks, but then again, it’s only a few. And I honestly think kids should be given more credit than we give them…
Simon’s friends weren’t mad about the fact that he was gay, but more by the fact that it all played into a scheme that they were a part of without being aware, and they felt played. I think they should’ve gotten from the start that it was self-preservation more than real malice.

Last but not least, the reaction of Simon’s little sister, who despite her age, understand that her brother is her brother and she will fight tooth and nails for him, regardless of who he likes.
I have to admit, I had some tears come up then, cause my brother was unfortunately the last one to know about me and he always told me he felt betrayed because it felt as if I didn’t trust him. In the end, my brother is one of the people I know I can blindly count on, so it all worked out in the end.

FINALLY, the music in it. The soundtrack to this movie has honestly been on repeat since it came out cause it was really good, I just didn’t know how it would fit in the movie. And I’ll tell you what: flawless.

This movie has become in less than a few minutes just one of my favorite movies of the year (if not ever), just because it’s a sweet modern love story with a nice morale to it. I regret taking this long to see it, and I think I will actually see it more than once within this PRIDE month.

Just be who you are, love who you are, love who you want, and know that you’re never alone in what you’re going through.

Peace out guys !

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