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Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of getting a text on a group chat I have with my best friends, that State Champs were about to release a new record and they’d soon be on the road playing it (the joys of modernity and internet access), but we had no set date.

Considering State Champs to be one of my absolute favorite pop-punk band nowadays, you can guess how excited and happy I was this morning, waking up to go to work, and finding out that not only had the album a release date, but it also came with a single ! And I was STOKED ! It honestly made my day !

Last time, we left State Champs opening for Don Broco at the Alexandra Palace, and ever since, they’d been stuck in the studios (and thankfully we had Ryan’s solo project to still keep us waiting, and I suggest you go listen to Nearsighted and if you wanna hear more Ryan, I know I’m never getting tired of that album, it’s so amazing).

And after many speculations as to what and when the record would be released, pleased is the low-key me expressing how much I love this song.

Played it on repeat is the fangirling me inside who of course wanted to spend the whole day re-enacting the video and just screaming the lyrics from the top of my lungs.

Take a catchy chorus like only State Champs know how to do, add to that the mad talent of each member of the band, and the lyricism of Derek who can only describe anger and heartbreak at its finest and you get State Champs feeling newer and fresher than ever.
In the group chat this morning, my best friend’s reaction was to say “omg it’s good old pop-punk with OH-OH’s like we love them! I love the song” and my instant reaction was “eh ?” but then, after eventually listening to 2000’s bands to get an idea of what she meant, I finally caught up on the fact that if you look at it from a memory thing point of view, any song you can remember easily and sing to, but the ones you love the most are the ones with those famous “oh-oh’s” that then get stuck in your head to the point of you singing them on repeat. And of course, the chorus gets stuck in your head like one of those tunes you’re gonna sing without even noticing it until someone else points it out.
And to be honest, any song whose lyrics is gonna deal with heartbreak or hating your ex or telling them how you feel instantly get me, so, let’s say that this song, aside being from SC, would have gotten me anyway just by the lyrics !

And to top it all, the music video is so funny yet so good ! (But what is it with bands these days choosing animals as mascots for their album or music videos ? *stares at FOB* )

Please check it out below !

LIVING THINGS comes out on June 15th 2018 via Pure Noise Records ! Go pre order it !

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