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VERMILLION ROAD on their way to great things !

Hiya everyone !

As you know, I’m back with your weekly dose of music discovery !

This time, I’ve been in touch with them over a couple weeks but wanted to get everything before writing anything. The band I’m about to introduce to you is the awesome VERMILLION ROAD.

When I first got the mail about this new upcoming band, you know yours truly, I HAD to go check them out ! And I’m glad I did !

Crossover between Bastille, Maroon 5 and 5 Seconds Of Summer, they are bound to hit the radio stations and (hopefully) get to play main stage on many arenas and venues.

I’m honestly conquered.

Denver based pop band is ready to take on the bull by the horns and tackle their chance to see how far and how big they can get. So far, they’ve got 3 songs out this year, and with a new EP on the way, you can be sure they’ll be added to my playlists !

Energetic, fresh, pop with great vocals and tunes that’ll make you dance, Vermillion Road is the perfect combo between what we want to hear, what we never knew we needed and what we’re completely getting addicted to.
I’ve been lucky enough to get an exclusive interview to introduce them out, and hopefully you’ll be as convinced as I am. I know I’m already replaying Gasoline on repeat !


  1. Introduce yourselves!
    Hey, thanks for having us! We are Vermillion Road, a 4-piece pop rock band out of Denver, CO.  We’ve got Will Robison on vocals, Hunter Heurich on guitar, Gil Leyva on bass and Logan Hileman on drums.
  2. How did you come up with the name of the band?
    Vermillion Road is an actual road in Will’s hometown of Longmont, CO where we used to rehearse. It was a special place for Will growing up and we always thought it was a cool sounding name.  It represents for us the journey we are travelling on together.
  3. You’ve already got 3 singles out this year, is there an album planned out?
    No album, but there IS an EP that we’ve been working very hard on for the last several months. The singles you mentioned are a part of that, and it’s coming out May 25th.
  4. Where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to songwriting and music?
    Everything! The roller coaster of life in general, but lately we’ve been writing a lot about love & relationships. A lot of the songs on our EP are about that.  We hope to write music that people can really connect to!
  5. What are your expectations for this year?
    Coming from a hard rock background, this year is a new chapter for us as we transition into the pop rock scene.  Luckily, our fans have embraced our new sound and we hope to make a lot of new fans along the way. We plan to hit some new cities on tour that we haven’t played at before and we’re really looking forward to this new journey – it should be a ton of fun!
  6. How do you go into the process of creating a song? Do you have a certain way or do you just go with the flow?
    One of us will come up with a cool line or melody or chord progression, and then we go into hyper-critic mode. We tend to be EXTREMELY discerning when we write, and we’re totally obsessed with trying to make music that will stand the test of time. So, any one song will pretty much always go through multiple drafts until we feel we got it right. A mantra of ours when writing is “whatever’s best for the song”
  7. What are some of the bands you’d like to tour with?
    There’s so many, but Imagine Dragons, Young the Giant, DNCE, Walk the Moon and CHVRCHES are a few that come to mind.
  8. Who’s the main lyricist in the band?
    Hunter writes most of the lyrics although Will helps quite a bit as well.
  9. What are your plans for the rest of the year?
    Tour, tour, tour! We have some shows/festivals coming up in Arizona in April and May and then our EP release show in Denver on May 25th.   We’re looking at Warped Tour this summer and also a college tour in the fall.
  10. Can you describe your music and your band?
    Energetic, passionate, modern rock, infused with pop and soul-stirring melodies that are embellished with contemporary electronic production. We also love to connect with our fans on stage! They are the reason we do this! 

You heard it here guys ! Be on the look out for their EP coming out May 25th !@Verm

Need any more convincing ? Check their song out below !

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