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GET A GRIP ! (Bronnie)

Hiya everyone !

Another week, another obsession !

This week, I’m gonna talk to you about a musician that’s one of a kind: BRONNIE.

I’m not gonna pretend I’m her biggest fan considering I’ve only known her for a few months, but here’s what I know.
– She opened for Little Mix
– She’s a true punk-rocker
– She can put on a good show
– She’s mad talented
– She’s the new face of the scene
– She looks like a pop-punk mermaid and that’s AWESOME

It’s rare to see a single artist in pop-punk, but much like Avril Lavigne back in her days, Bronnie is owning her own thing and making music that matters to her and that influences today’s teenagers.
I was already conquered cause she reminds me of Skye Sweetnam as well, by her raw power music and catchy lyrics, but the more I listen to her and the more I’m drawn to following her on her future adventures.
What I admire about her, is that in a world where everybody’s silent about certain issues, she stands out by speaking out.

The EP Get A Grip, out since March 27th, has 4 songs, each of them standing out from the other.

I’m not gonna divulge much cause the goal here is for you to listen to it, but all I can say, is that my favorite song got a music video and I was so happy about that !

Danced With The Devil, talks about mental health and suicide awareness.
“Why are you dressed in black for me ? It shouldn’t be like this”opens the song and sets the tone.
Having myself had some issues when it came to depression and nervous breakdowns, I know the impact a song can have on you when you’re feeling low, and if anything, this song is here to testify that there are so much things to live for that.
The music video for the song has all its profits given to Buddy Project (a non profit mental health awareness campaign), which proves that not only Bronnie is a talented artist, but she’s also concerned and caring for her fans.

With songs sounding like they’re straight out of the next American Pie, she not only can be serious but also can make you wanna party your socks off.

If you haven’t yet, I would advise you to go take a listen !

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