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Music Of The Week (March Madness #1)

Hey guys !

We’re halfway into march almost, and I’m so happy cause it means that more and more shows are coming up ! Usually March and April are the busiest months concert-wise ! But that’s not what I’m here to talk about !
I’m here to talk about the latest music I’ve been listening to lately !

Coming this week will be an interview by Turbowolf and an interview by Like Pacific’s singer, Jordan regarding their upcoming plans and a review on the As It Is headline show with opening bands Grayscale, Like Pacific and WSTR (all of which I was dying to see live and I can officially cross that off my bucket list of bands to see live !).

In other news, here’s what’s on my personal playlist and WHY it’s on there !

Knuckle Puck – Conduit (shifted)
As y’all know, Shapeshifter was one of my favorite albums of 2017. It really was one of those perfect albums that you just can’t help but listen on repeat for days on end, until you think “I’m listening to it so much I’m gonna get sick of it”, but then it’s 6 months later and you’re still not sick of it. And most importantly, KP releases a reimagined version of some songs of that amazing record. I’m honestly never growing tired of acoustic versions, especially when it’s of one of the best songs of one of my favorite records ! Hope you’ll like it as much as I did.

Back Garden Light – Jumping Fences
They’re young, they’re energetic, and most importantly, THEY’RE FRENCH.
In the same fibre as A Day To Remember, Chunk!No Captain Chunk, Good Charlotte and Memphis May Fire, this new upcoming band has already played show throughout France, Russia and Japan. Out to conquer the world, they’re now coming out with their new single called Jumping Fences and believe me when I say: they’ll soon jump to stages higher than the fences ! I know I’m already hooked on it, and it feels like such a summer anthem, I guarantee you that you’ll be listening to it and get ready to party by a pool and jump in whilst listening to this song and recreating your own music video.

Sharks In Your Mouth – Lose Yourself (Eminem cover)
This is a band I discovered literally 3 hours before writing this. And I thought “I’ll join it in” cause you know what ? Funnily enough, I had planned to watch 8 Mile the movie that made this song famous a few days ago. And a couple years ago, a contestant in The Voice France covered this song in an energetic way that left me hungry for more. And now ? I get to have a metal/rock version of this song ! What could be better ???

Owl City – New York City
I have been in love with Owl City for as long as I can remember (aka since the Fireflies days… nearly 10 years!). I’ve followed through Adam’s albums, his many featurings (including with one of my pop punk heroes Mark Hoppus, pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen and Aloe Blacc). I had been waiting for Owl City to release something since it’s almost been 3 years since the last album, and let me tell you: Adam hasn’t lost his touch ! New York City is a song about being in love and wanting to take an impromptu trip to New York (and boy would I want to do that if I weren’t a freaking ocean away).
Looking forward to the full thing, in the meantime, here’s the lyric video for NYC.

Calum Scott – Rhythm Inside
I had been waiting for his solo album since the X Factor days. It finally came out. And let’s just keep it simple, cause I’m currently also writing a review for the album, but, Calum Scott’s voice, added to his amazing lyricism and his ability to make any song a pure hit ! If you wanna know more about the album, come back in a couple days and you’ll find out why I love it so much ! In the meantime, please listen to this banger and I dare you not to dance and/or sing to it !

Taylor Swift – Delicate
Last but not least, it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift is yet again and forever in my playlist (what with her being my favorite female solo artist ever along with P!nk and Avril Lavigne, can’t decide haha). This song has a new video which came out yesterday so I thought “why not?”. Lyrics are about when you love someone but your reputation precedes you and also how you wanna fall in love in spite of what everyone says about you. Taylor’s never been better and she shows it and she sings it and that’s why we love her ! Even with her crazy dancing.

If you’ve liked any of these, let me know on social medias ! You know that’s where I’ll be 😉

Have a good night and good week !

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