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I’m in LAUV with this !

Hey guys !

So, I was browsing through my mails, as usual, when I got a new mail today, with a song. A song, which honestly caught my eye just by its title. And I don’t regret a single moment clicking on it, considering I’m officially OBSESSED with it and have paused my movie just to listen to it over and over and over !

You might know LAUV for his single with DJ Snake , A Different Way, or maybe because he wrote No Promises for Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato, Boys for Charli XCX and All My Love for Cash Cash and Conor Maynard (which has been on repeat all summer). I knew him for all of those anyway myself, and I have to admit, I’m kinda ashamed about it.

Cause guess what: after hearing this song, I went on Spotify and I listened to EVERY. SINGLE. song.

And I loved EVERY. SINGLE. song.

But let’s talk about this one please.

Getting Over You is a beautiful anthem to anyone who’s ever had to experience heartbreak. With a sound mixed between Troye Sivan and Justin Bieber, and after having opened for the likes of Ed Sheeran on his Asian leg of the Divide Tour, Lauv proves now how much he can stand by himself, sway the hearts of everyone and be the show in himself. And that’s what he deserves !

What I loved the most in this song, is the verse that goes “Drowning in my coffee, To wash the alcohol, Out my bloodstream, Sitting here I wonder, If we hadn’t been at all, Who would I be?“. Why ? Cause god knows I’ve identified to this more than I wish. All these times where after a broken heart I’d go out, drink just to forget and convince myself to flirt with people I didn’t care about, just to be able to forget about that one person who broke me so bad that I just wanted to forget who I was. Yet, weirdly enough, it was also that same person who made me who I was…

If you’ve ever felt that way, that song is for you ! Definitely bound to be a summer anthem to me !

Heading out on tour soon, catch him up if you can !

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