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As if you needed another reason to love Waterparks, they come out of their shells with a sophomore album that’s even better than their previous one (and that’s to say a lot, cause it was FLAWLESS)

And yet, they’ve done it again: another album where I’ve got nothing to say (and I’m actually happy about having nothing to say cause then I can only say nice things about it and not bitch about it).

After a successful first record on label Equal Vision Records, the band embarked on a tour opening for All Time Low, then for Sleeping With Sirens, co-headlined with Too Close To Touch and finished by multiple headlines across the world (and selling out so many of these places as well).

Little protégés of the Madden Brothers, if you haven’t heard about them, you must definitely be living under a rock.

They’re a band that are fun to read (whether it’s on twitter or general medias), they’re cool and fun to see onstage, they’re good live, and their songs are relatable and if not, they’re the most pop-punk you could get. Mixing samples of electronic music and punk, this is what I’d expect pop-punk to sound like, and I’m not saying this cause I love them, but I love them because of that !

Of course, they’ve outed a bunch of song to promote the album (Blonde, Lucky People, Not Warriors) which have all made my playlist and it’s honestly a 100% success to me, but let me tell you in 3 more songs WHY you should listen to ENTERTAINMENT and why it’ll have made my 2018 start off amazingly well musically (and in general mood cause this album makes me fucking happy).

Any reference in a title to a luck-charm is a winner for me.
Now starting with a good electronic sample that’ll get stuck in your head, it also becomes increasingly the pop-punk anthem you’d expect to start off a new record with.
This song is a love anthem and it’ll make you feel like a teen again. I know for one that this song takes me back to feeling hopelessly in love in high school and this song would’ve been my song back then !
Feeling rejuvenated, this song will make you want to go outside in car-parking lots and listen to this song staring at the stars and wishing on 11:11 just to stare in your loved-one’s eyes and say “you’re my 11:11, my lucky number 7”.
Plus, with lyrics such as “Let’s tangle our legs again, The world doesn’t need us to leave our heads… My heavy set of cares evaporates all around you, My favorite time to stare’s when my eyes are on you, You’ve got me feeling like a walking love song  tell me you don’t feel any more in love.

In case you didn’t get with the first song I put there, I’m a sucker for any song that has a romantic side or story to it.
So naturally, when it comes to a song whose chorus goes “I think it’s weird I need your love I’ve clocked 300 ways, you know I think you’re rare, I wasn’t prepared and now my stomach’s cold”.
Seriously, this is yet another song about love that made it to my playlist (well, to be fair, the whole album is in my playlist anyway now).
What I love about Waterparks, is their ability to write songs with the same subject without turning repetitive in their way to sing about it. This song really gets me on a level I can’t even explain.

So, first of all, let’s appreciate how they capitalised the title to express their anger.
Then, let’s appreciate how it’s a song that’s energetic and is gonna cause major crowdsurfing and major mosh pits in future concerts.
Finally, let’s appreciate how they’re not afraid to call out the scene in general, call out their fake friends, and call out those who use them for the fact that they’re now famous. And lest not forget those who tried to wrong them (for instance someone who tried to steal their misses).
Starting and finishing the song with a couple of voice-over from phones and making fun of themselves and making fun of the situation.
These are all the reasons why I love this song, why I wanna throw myself into the walls of my house or why I wanna scream and dance and shout to this song. This is one of these songs that I hope will get its music video or hope they’ll play live, cause it really has the potential to be that kind of song that is gonna be pop-punk reference.

There !

You have my 3 reasons to listen to this album.

If you ever doubt them, take a good listen at their album, and tell me you’ve listened to them and haven’t found ONE song that wasn’t worth your time.
Personally, I think they’re all worth my time, I definitely think this is one of my favorite albums from 2018 (and the year’s just started).

ALSO, if you’re in Europe or the UK, don’t miss them out on the ENTERTAINMENT TOUR ! (see dates below)


  1. Great review! I’ve never heard of this band before but will definitely give them a listen.

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