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If there’s one band that I’m following forever even if they were going to the depths of hell, it’s Fall Out Boy.

What’s funny with them, is that they trouble you. In the way that sometimes, they just put out music that you’ll give a first listen to, and either you love it straight away, or you just think it’s okay, but not your cup of tea. Then it kinda grows on you.

God knows that the band is known for experimenting, and believe me when I tell you: not many bands could do that and keep a strong fanbase or just keep going as strong as they do.

To be honest, I’m just glad to have new music to expect from them. Cause those 4 years hiatus were HELL.

Now, let’s get real.

First single off the album was Young And A Menace.

I’ll have to admit: I was a bit hesitant when it came out. It wasn’t as pop-punk as the FOB I loved. Obviously it was still FOB so I loved it, and I like how weird they get or how far they push the experimenting, as far as using many effects on record.

But after a couple listens, I knew that song was never leaving my playlist.

Then came Champion, which was a bit more in the range of what I expected from them, and who has the same arena level as Centuries and that’s the kind of FOB I love !

To me, it’s a bit too much when bands keep outing singles when they’ve got an album coming out soon. Especially if it’s to out half the album before it’s officially released. I get that you have to keep people interested but still.

Fall Out Boy pushed the outing of the album to a couple months later, and I was MAD.

Not even gonna pretend that I wasn’t, cause I’m waiting for FOB’s records like holy grails of pop-punk.

I was mad to have to wait a couple months more.

But I patiently waited.

The only single I allowed myself to listen other than the two that were already out, was The Last Of The Real Ones, which to me was my favorite so far. (But you can read all about it in my #MusicOfTheWeek posts)

Now let’s get on the real thing.

After a couple listens on the album, I have grown attached to 3 songs besides TLOTRO.

The first one who’s had my heart, was the one on the album who, to me, sounds the most like an opening song in an arena tour *wink wink, hint hint guys*
This song just does something to me. I can’t really explain what, but it just does. I can feel empowered when I listen to it, and I feel like if I listen to this song walking down the street, I might just start a punk riot somehow (a punk riot is a riot that’s just peaceful and only full of head banging instead of real banging).
Also, being French, I can only appreciate the pre-chorus going “eau de résistance” on full blast !
And for anyone ever doubting FOB, if there’s anything that will never falter, it’s the penmanship of Pete Wentz who keeps amazing me more and more with time passing by.

The second song that really caught my ear (and not my eye #punIntended #hahamenofunny ) is Sunshine Riptide.
I’ll give in to FOB for wanting to diversify and have featurings on half of their album. Remember that one with the whole FBR roster on Folie À Deux ? Or half of Save Rock N Roll (whose most memorable feature was with Courtney Love) ?
Really, this one is in the same line as the rest of these songs, and guess what ? it’s AWESOME.
After ABAP, they outed an album of remixes where each song was remixed and had a rap part in it, and I honestly almost loved it as much as the original album haha.
My favorite line in the song is right at the start when it goes “You say ‘please don’t ever change’, But you don’t like me the way I am”, which to me, is the truest of the lyrics on the album. FOB always has that way of making each track stand out more than the rest.

Last but not least, my third favorite, Bishops Knife Tricks.
Any FOB song that starts off with piano has my heart. Even more when it’s a ballad. And honest full house when it has lines like “Til the earth starts to crumble and the heavens roll away, I’m struggling to exist with you and without you, yeah”.
This song is the closing song on the album and it gives those feels of last songs that you have, when you listen to an album and you just don’t want it to end.

I was skeptic, just like I always am when a band I love decides to take a new direction music-wise and I was heading into a listen of the album by thinking “god, I’m scared”. But if there’s one thing that those bands, who are sure pillars of the punk scene, have taught me, it’s that they’ll always feel like home and always make an album that reminds you of who they are and why you love them for what they are.
Fall Out Boy, it’s a 20/20 for me, this album was worth the wait. GOOD JOB !

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