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Hiya guys !

Happy New Year everybody !

I know I’m a couple weeks late (or almost) but eh, haha. GUILTY AS CHARGED.

My post on new year’s resolutions is coming up soon, so I won’t linger on that any more, but hope you’ve had a good time off during the holidays.

One less week till Christmas again ! *happy dance*

I love the new year cause it means that there are lots to look forward to again, and THAT, is worth everything.

Thing I’m most excited about for this year are: All Time Low in March, Ed Sheeran in May, Taylor Swift and the Foo Fighters in June, the summer, September, and of course, CHRISTMAS AGAIN (I know it’s only been a couple of weeks ago, but I’m looking forward to it on the next day it’s over).

Anyway, this first post of the year is gonna be dedicated to the top 10 of songs I’m listening to the most lately.

Couple weeks into the new year, and here’s what’s giving a rhythm to mine !

JT – Filthy
JT’s been hinting to new music for a little while now, and to be honest, I kinda had the feeling he had something planned the minute I heard he had been selected to play the Halftime show for the Super Bowl 2018.
What I love the most about him, is his versatility. The fact that anything he does, he does it in style, and every time, it suits him.
Though clearly still r’n’b, JT now edges on more heavy guitars and pushing his voice.
He always had a knack for pushing, and who could blame him ? If I could, I’d have him sing my grocery shopping list and I’d still play it on repeat all day long.
Slightly sounding like sex (and it being a pure ear-gasm) I recommend this song to any fan of music that loves when an artist reaches out of his comfort zone to mix a little bit of everything

SLAVES – Patience Is A Virtue
When SLAVES ended their blackout period and put an end to my misery of uncertainty regarding what was up with them, I was FINALLY given new material, and anyone who knows me knows how much I love that band.
Jonny Craig has one of those voices that just makes me wanna try to hit the same notes, but I know I don’t, so instead, I sound like a squirrel, but a squirrel who’s a fan of SLAVES. So that counts as something.
Their first single I’d Rather See Your Star Explode came out in January and was on repeat ALL. YEAR. LONG.
So when they announced their signing to Sony Music label’s The Orchard and the release of a new album, I was in HEAVEN. I’m gonna be a fangirl for just a bit here and say that I’m literally fan of everything they’ve done.
I’m really happy to have them back, and even though they outed another song called True Colors since, I’m actually obsessed with Patience Is A Virtue, anthem to the naysayers spreading rumours that this band wouldn’t go anywhere. They’re on their way up, and hardly coming down already.

Eminem – River (feat Ed Sheeran)/Need Me (feat Pink)
Ok, personal favorites here. I’m not a huge Eminem fan, but when I heard he was back, first with a song featuring Beyoncé, and then with a full album, I was OVER THE MOON.
Get this: these days, most artists do a 10 or 11 songs album and release half of it as promo or as singles before the album comes out. When it does, people have either lost interest, or simply don’t like it as much anymore.
Eminem got 1 song out, then the full album, and with 15 songs moreover.
1 listen and that’s all I needed.
Of course, stand out tracks were River, featuring Ed Sheeran singing the chorus, and the guitar strumming plus Eminem and Ed is ear gams to me already, and then Need Me with P!nk, who’s about how two people need each other in a relationship, no matter how toxic they both are to each other. When P!nk sings “I’m starting to think that maybe you need me, maybe you need me”, I nearly started crying as the voice is pushing so much on emotions, I felt stuff that wasn’t mine.

Machine Gun Kelly – Home (feat Bebe Rexha and X Ambassadors)
A few months ago, when the trailer for the movie Bright came out, I was straight on board with the whole thing. Ever since the trailer came out, I wanted to see it. Mostly cause the trailer featured a song by Kiiara and I was really looking forward to it, but also because it had a bunch of actors I liked in it.
I can say: I wasn’t disappointed, in either the movie nor the soundtrack.
Especially with this title track, featuring three artists I adore: Bebe Rexha, X Ambassadors and Machine Gun Kelly. That’s like the ultimate power of three for soundtracks.
Hope you’ll like the song as much as I do !
(And don’t get me wrong, all the artists on the soundtrack are killers, this album is really a huge hit for me and you should check it out !)

G Eazy and Halsey – Him And I
I’m a huge fan of Halsey. When I saw she did a single and feature on the new G Eazy album, I KNEW I’d love it. And it lived up to the hype I was building for myself. I really clicked to it.
This song is a modern Bonnie And Clyde story, a gorgeous love declaration to one another, and it’s done beautifully. I honestly couldn’t see it any other way. I’m glad this song came out the way it did.
One sentence I particularly love is “what the fuck is love with no pain, no suffer”.
If like me you love contemporary love stories, this song’s for you !

Tonight Alive – Disappear (feat Lynn Gunn)

Entering the point where the venues keep getting bigger and bigger, I have to admit, I liked Limitless, but Tonight Alive kinda lost me somewhere along there, as to me The Other Side was such a huge step in their career and in my love for them, that it was hard to dethrone. Now they’ve tried something different and the previous album had its singles and songs I liked, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. As I’m not one to judge on just one album I didn’t like, I was glad when I heard that TA signed to Hopeless Records, and when they put out their first single Temple, I was THRILLED to see the TA I liked back ! And as if it weren’t enough already, they add Lynn Gunn’s vocals to the songs which blends great with Jenna’s. This song is pure pop punk perfection !

NF – Let You Down
This song was in my Discover Weekly on Spotify and I have to say, it was a beautiful discovery !
This song hasn’t left my playlist ! The vocals are amazing, and the topic, I can relate. This song talks about a difficult relationship between a parent and a child, and honestly, I wish I’d had this song out when I was going through some tough shit with my parents a few years back.

Taylor Swift – Call It What You Want
Well, I would’ve put the whole album there but comes a time, you have to put something else. BUT… Surprise, I still needed to include a Taytay song in this and it’s, to me, one of the most beautiful song she’s ever written.
It’s about how a new relationship shouldn’t pay for the mistakes or the things that happened in your past and somehow, I can relate SO MUCH to this. This song is pure, love declaration, and I’m a sucker for love songs like this one. I’m a hopeless romantic, and I blame Taylor Swift for my expectations in guys (*eyes rolling to someone*)

Ellie Goulding – Mirror (from Hunger Games OST)
One of my favorite singer ever is EG and honestly, it’s been too long since we’ve had a new Ellie Goulding song. Her last album Delirium was a delight and was in my playlist for a long time as well. Recently, I watched the Hunger Games again, and as I was listening to the soundtrack, I remembered that she’d done a song for the second movie, and now I’m back in my obsession with her ! Give it a go ! (Ariana Grande also did a feat with Major Lazer if you’re interested in pop in soundtrack *eyes giving you a stare*)

Due Lipa – New Rules (acoustic piano)
Ever since her album came out mid-2017, and after her explosion in the pop-scene with break-up anthem New Rule, she’s been everywhere around the globe promoting it and living the dream of being a pop star. Now, as you all know, I’m a sucker for acoustics, so naturally when I heard there was one this song, and that it was on piano, I KNEW it was gonna be part of what I’d be listening to for days on repeat.

Moose Blood – Talk In Your Sleep
This band has been one of my favorites ever since their album BLUSH came out, and I was VERY happy to see them with A Day To Remember last year. VERY. VERY HAPPY.
Their new album is on their way, and I know I’m already gonna love it. If you’re a lover of cheesy pop-punk with lyrics that you wanna get tattooed or say back to your loved one, this band is for you !



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