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We Are Majør (and about to majorly blow out minds, so listen to them now!)

Hey guys !

Sorry for the lack of news, it’s been a crazy month, and I’ll write about it sometime soon ! If you haven’t heard from reading my social medias or anywhere, I’m currently in the process of moving from one country to another, and it’s tiring, it’s adjusting to a whole new ensemble of things, but it’s sooooo worth it !

What’s been getting me through all the stress and all the tiredness, is music. And I’m about to give you some really good stress-relief music !


French electronic band, We Are Majør, are currently on the rise and not about to go down any time soon.
I am hard in music selection, considering I have such high expectations of bands, people and I’m very picky sometimes (just cause I listen to a bit of everything doesn’t mean I listen to whatever hehe).
But they’ve managed to win over my heart with just a couple songs !
When I got sent a link to them, I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant at first. But then, I figure: WHY NOT.

It’s with an open mind (and open ears) that I decided therefore to listen to their whole Spotify discography and that I was pleased to actually relate to their sound and feel the vibe they were going for. And now, I’m waiting impatiently for a new release !

Here’s a first glimpse of what to expect :

Following, is an interview I got to do with them over mail, me being in the UK and them being in France, so hope you’ll like it as you get to like them and get to know them a bit more !


1. Introduce yourselves and tell us more about you
We’re called We Are Major and we’re a trio of producers/artists/friends. In the band, there are Jonathan, Romain and myself (Mehdi). We met in film school, we each had bands so it’s through those bands that we got closer. We started going in the studio together and write songs, 3 years ago. First we did that for other artists and finally, whilst trying to find a sound for someone else, we found ours… Some songs we wrote were so personal that we decided to keep them for ourselves and to start a band.

2. How did you come up with the GHOST EP compared to ROOM 593 ? Did you tackle things from a different angle or did you decide to improve what you originally have ?  (Personal preference for Ghost and it being more pop)
The process was quite similar. Since we started working together, we never really stoped writing songs, so GHOST is just the logical follow-up… The main difference you can hear on the new EP is that, compared to the first is just a difference of influences at a precise moment, a difference on how we’ve been through something, but the creation process is really the same. In fact, aside from the size of the studio in which we were working (and which grew), everything is exactly the same ! The idea being that our influences are so diverse, that we can go from something RNB to something more POP without much transition. What’s gonna link those projects is more likely to be the themes in our music or our way of creating melodies. To us, a good song is being shaped in any way you want as long as it’s good.

3. Basic question, but, who writes the lyrics ? And why write in English ?
I am ! (Mehdi). My place as lyricist in the band came naturally, mostly from the fact that I’m the singer, so to give it all its power and depths I like to write about my own fears and desires… Or just tell stories which inspire me ! Sometimes, it might happen that I co-write with some other songwriters when the song gets to it, e.g. I wrote a lot with my girlfriend. When this happens, I like to choose people who share the same culture as mine. I’ve been bathing in pop culture since I was a kid, I love movies, music, video games, geek culture, therefore, it’s in that imaginary state that I draw my inspiration from when it’s not from my own life. And this imaginary state has been revolving, as for a lot of millennials, around the American/English culture, so I feel close to that language as it seems more natural to write. Plus, it has some “straight to the point” side that I love!

4. What do you expect from these 2 EPs ? Where would you wanna play ? More nightclubs or concert venues ?
What we expect from those EPs is to be open and show our world, and grow our fanbase, be able to go onstage and defend our work. As I said earlier, we’ve all been playing in bands since we were teens, so we feel the need to go onstage. It’s visceral, we work a lot towards that goal. Honestly, we’d love to play in the entire world, in clubs, or concert venues, whatever… Even if we are a bit more edged towards concerts than clubs in the bands, we all come from rock as a starting point, so we can adapt to whatever venue will have us !

5. Do you have a full LP project ?
As I was saying earlier, we haven’t stopped writing and producing music since we started this project, so we have A LOT of songs that are awaiting to see the day… Our vision expands, we’re quite productive because, more than producing and writing for ourselves, we also do it for others, so we draw our energy and our vibe in each project that we participate in to feed ours. I don’t know if it’ll ever take the form of a full LP in a near future, it’s a talk we need to have with our label. Clearly, music business is changing and the way people get music as well, so we have to find the best way to bring up our next project. But we do have a lot of stuff to share with you guys !


6. Coming from Cinema/Movie studies, did you participate in producing or creating your music videos ?
Yeah, I do think that having studied cinema and movies has given us the wanting to offer better visuals and the best visuals possible… Being fans of movies, we draw a lot of our inspiration of it, whether it be in lyrics or music videos…
The fact of having a certain knowledge of the media gives us the ability to be in every step of the way for music videos, up until the editing. We’re also a lot more critical, and when we have the possibility to, we love to tell a story. It’s not out of the question that one days we become producers or directors of our music videos, maybe even a documentary ! It’s something that we’d really love to do too.

7. Do you think that studying visual arts has been an added value/contributed to your audio art ?
I think both are linked. The thing is, we were playing music way before studying the visual arts, so we do think that our studies is a plus in our career. We would have done music anyway, but the real question would be to wonder if we’d have made THAT kind of music. In general, when you produce music, it’s become important to always have a music video to help promote it. The feeling between the artist and the music is better felt, the goal is clearer and the musician’s world is see-through right away. I’d say that this experience has influenced our music, but we’d still have done music each of us on our own side (because we’d never have met).

8. GHOST is a little more pop compared to ROOM  593, being a little more rnb, whilst still being in the electro pop spirit. Is there a special reason who pushed you towards making it that way ?
No reason in particular no, just the vibe in which we were when we wrote the songs that was a bit more pop. Thing is, we weren’t even trying to be ! Depending on the projects on which we work or the music we discover during that period of time, out of this gets a certain intention and a “colour” if I can say so. This, is what really defines our sound. What we also like, is to talk about darker stuff on pop songs. This “contradiction”, if I may say, has something of very appealing to us, dance and bob your head to heavy emotions, sad sometimes, I think it’s awesome. Maybe because when I’m in a club myself and I don’t understand what goes around me, I feel a certain sadness. It’s this confusion that I like to write about.

9. What artists have inspired you in the creative process of making the EP ?
There are lots of artists who are a big influence on us every day, and this is why our music is quite diverse and that she’ll keep on changing and evolving, for instance, we’ve recently worked on a lot of rap/urban projects, and you can be sure that our next release is gonna be with a hint of that time spent working on those projects. Every artist in the world inspire us daily, whether it’s musical or visual or even through any kind of other art form. There’s no limit to inspiration. We love every kind of music, every genre, every period of music, every sensibility.

10. Is there an artist you’d like to collaborate with on upcoming projects ?
As I was saying, recently, we’ve worked with a lot of rappers. There clearly is something going on in hip-hop/rap today, and I think there clearly are some featuring to do in that way. With our friends Usky or Lord Esperenza, whom we’re quite close to and who are a new generation of rappers who are beginning to really get exposure and be trend setters. But most importantly, what matters, is meeting the people you’re working with. I don’t like the fact that you can just send tracks and get the featuring of someone with whom you haven’t really clicked or connected. We’re FOR featuring, but we need to meet who we’re gonna be featuring first, in the studios, or wherever !


And that’s the end of it !

If you guys liked it, or like the electro-pop scene, underground and new and up&coming artist roster from Paris, then I strongly suggest you guys to check them out !

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