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Sometimes you find a band that hits so close to home, that everything they do and everything they sing about, just becomes a reflection of your own life.

This song only came out a couple days ago, but not only was it as if I’d known it all my life, but it also was a perfect description of how I felt at some point in my life and how I feel some days.

Too Close To Touch is one of the bands that just sings and feels things so powerfully, that it just hits you right where it hurts.

I can safely now talk about how I’ve been through many ups and downs in my life and how I’ve struggled with them, letting those feelings even drive me to the most unspeakable acts (which are now safe for me to talk about). And I’ve managed to get past all of these. And this song, oh boy… How I wish I’d have had this song when all of these feelings were just chewing me from the inside.
I would’ve felt so much better so much quicker. But also, maybe that’s why today, listening to this song, I just feel it. I listen to this song and I just feel this rage, this anger, and this sadness inside me who are just begging to get out, because if I hadn’t kicked their asses already, they’d been in for a beating !

This song to me, speaks and sings to my past demons, and tell them. GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT OF MY HEAD. GET OUT, GET OUT, I BEG. GET OUT, GET OUT OF MY HEAD BEFORE I CAVE IN.

But I won’t cave in. I won’t. And this song is just another reminder of how I got this far and what helped me got this far, and it’s thanks to music and lyrics like these.

Thanks Too Close To Touch for yet another window to my soul.

Tomorrow, another article will be up on the blog and I’ll also talk about something that matters to me a lot.

See ya tomorrow !

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