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MUSIC MONDAY ! (Music Of The Week #7 )

Hi guys !

Sorry for the lack of news this past month, I’ve been quite busy settling myself up in the UK, and it’s been hectic !

I’ve got a bunch of surprises for you coming this week and hope you’ll like it !

In the meantime, here’s Music Of The Week #7, as Music Monday !

Of Mice & Men – Defy
First and foremost, y’all know how much I love OMAM, and them getting back to music has been the highlight of my year ! In case you didn’t know, their last album (and last with Austin…) wasn’t really my cup of tea. There were a couple songs I loved, but all together, the album didn’t stand much to me.
Now, if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that after the 4 singles outed by the band, I’m DEFINITELY LOVING the direction they’ve taken and their finally owning up to that identity they’ve been building for 2 albums.
Out of 4, all of them singles have amazed me, surprised me, and most of all, gained the way back to my heart.
Moreover, when I hear “Sometimes the pain of life’s too much to mitigate But I refuse to march into an early grave“, it kinda reminds me of why I started listening to them in the first place.
Have a listen at their brand new song: DEFY, self titling the album and beginning a new cycle, which I know will be their best yet (and I’m TOTALLY not saying this cause their new songs have been so much on repeat that they’re almost overthrowing Second And Sebring in my most played songs playlist)

Taylor Swift – Call It What You Want
My review on Reputation is soon to be up, so I guess it’s not really a surprise to see one of its songs on my “music Monday” playlist.
Mostly cause Taylor will always have my heart, with songs that somehow get more and more meaningful to me over the years, but also because there’s nothing better than a stripped version of a good song, with acoustic guitars and violins, to make it even better than it already was (spoiler alert: I teared up but gathered what little courage I had not to).

Chapter And Verse – Magazines
Last night, I went to see Courage My Love in Manchester and I’d been waiting for 3 years to see them. I was so happy ! But this is another story (which will be published soon).
Here is the band that opened for them last night. CHAPTER AND VERSE.
I have to admit, I’d not heard of them till last night, and though the two bands opening first were good, if one opening stood out the most to me, it’s them.
They were energetic, they were good live, they had a good energy, they turned the heat up and they were passionate about their music. Which is all I’m looking for in a new band to follow !
They weirdly remind me of Kings Of Leon mixed with some Foo Fighters, and I hope by saying that it predicts the same career for them !
Here’s their brand new song, Magazines, which I hope you’ll like as much as I did when I heard it for the first time last night. And go check their Spotify or Apple Music too, their EP is pure gold and you’ll be falling in love with the singer’s voice which is as good live as it is on studio recordings.


P!NK – Beautiful Trauma
P!nk, along Taylor Swift, is my favorite solo female artist. And one of my dreams is probably to play guitar and sing Who Knew with her (amongst many others), so when she decided to grace us with a new album last month, I was ECSTATIC !
Of course, what better subject to sing about than love, especially love that’s good and hurt.
This song was my favorite from the start, and I’m so happy it got its own video. I’m even happier that it features Channing Tatum (wink wink) and features him doing what he got known for doing, DANCING.
Pink will never stop surprising me and this is why, in her perfect 50’s outfit, she still rocks to this beautiful anthem about being in love but being traumatised by it because of being in a relationship that both uplifts you and brings you down, all the while wanting to kiss each other and never let go and also throw tomatoes at each other’s faces.


As It Is – No Way Out
This band has been growing and growing more and more with each passing month, and next year, they’re headlining their own UK and EU tour, which is gonna be MASSIVE (and which I will be attending).
There’s not much more I can say about them, if you want my opinion, you can go check the review I did for their album OKAY which has been out since February (and has already a special place in my heart). I’m a sucker for videos where bands play their own instruments and are just there, so this music video is a winner for me.
Plus the topic of finding yourself and losing yourself all at once ?
Plus Patty’s awesome vocals ?
Plus opening for the biggest pop punk bands ?
Here’s No Way Out.


Waterparks – Blonde
Last but not least. WATERPARKS.
This band has proven themselves to be one of the fastest growing band lately, and not just because they’ve been spotted and discovered by the Madden Brothers, but also because they’re original, fun, and they’re GOOD.
What fascinates me, is that if that band were a real person, they’d be a mix between Chris Evans for their good looks, Mr Bean for how funny they are, and Dave Grohl for how good they are !
I saw them opening for All Time Low at the beginning of the year, and next year, I’m seeing them headline their own tour for their brand new album coming out in January.
Told ya things went fast in a year.
Whilst singing about their hair colour and the pros and cons of fame, Waterparks weirdly reminds us of that cousin we have that’s a bit weird but is so nice and so talented that you look up to them.
Here’s their video for Blonde (which has been on repeat on my iPod since it came out).


Hope you enjoyed this music Monday and be on the look out for many things to come this week (and let me know what you liked or didn’t).

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