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ALL TIME LOW CONCERT REVIEW – “You were my last young renegade heartache”

All good things come to an end, and sometimes, I wish things didn’t. Especially when they were that good.

Wednesday October 18th 2017, All Time Low came on their only French date on this tour, to beautiful pink city Toulouse.

I’ve had my share of All Time Low concerts (and there’s never enough ATL concerts, believe me), but this one came in time, just like your favorite song coming on shuffle when you need it the most.

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a little down lately, and it showed in me listening only to angry pop-punk to get the anger out, or in sad songs, just to cry it out, and each of those always resulting in me getting my headphones on, loud, locking my door and shouting in my pillow.
Time’s got a funny way to act on us.
I’m always looking forward to concerts, I live for them.
But this one, I was looking forward to it more than any others.

You know that point you get to when you feel like you need to relieve some stress and some pressure but don’t know how to ?

That concert was it to me. And so were the 2 hours drive to the concert (always made fun by on point playlists that you can find on my Spotify).

When I got to the venue, I was impatient for it to begin and I don’t know if it’s the beers (alcohol is prohibited under the age of 18 and 21 in some countries, please drink carefully if you’re to drink and are of age, and never leave your drinks unattended) or the fact that the first acts were really good but I really couldn’t see time pass by.

First one to open for them was British girl-band called Hey Charlie.
To be honest, I’d never heard of them before, and one of my friends who followed the whole tour advised me to listen to them. Which I didn’t, I wanted to keep the surprise for when I’d see them onstage, cause I believe there is no better way to judge a band than by watching them live.
And I was REALLY surprised. Not that they were that good, but that it took me this long to listen to them !
To be fair, the band’s only less than a year old, so they’re still newbies and I’m one too ! And after that show, they can consider me a fan !
It’s refreshing to see a young band be as rock’n’roll as they were, especially an all-girl band, and one that went as hard as they did.
Plus if you love hair-porn and see them go at it like 90’s rock stars, you’re gonna love this band.
They have an EP just out a couple weeks ago called Young And Lonesome whose lead single is the same name and one of my favorite songs by them ! You should check them out !

1. Run And Hide
2. Young And Lonesome
3. Hey
4. Heartbreaker
5. Kiss Me
6. Cheer Up Princess
7. Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus cover feat. Alex Gaskarth)

I saw Creeper for the first time exactly a year ago as they were opening up for Pierce The Veil. I was stood at the bar yet again (I promise I’m not a drunk), so I got to see them too late, I only caught the last couple songs (which got my attention to be fair).
When their all new (and first!) album came out, I immediately started listening to it, and oh, surprise ! I LOVED IT.
To be honest, and that’s to each his own opinion and this view is mine and mine only, but they remind me of a new My Chemical Romance-vibe kinda band, and I needed that in my life !
With 3 EPs and an album, you can guess that they have a lot of stories to tell.
With 6 members onstage, every move is calculated and their energy hits the crowd so much that no matter the amount of people, they get you moshing.
And they’re also the nicest bunch you’ll find ! If you get the chance, catch them on their UK tour this December, you won’t regret it I promise !

1. Black Rain
2. Poison Pens
3. Black Mass
4. Suzanne
5. Lie Awake
6. Hiding With Boys
7. Misery



And finally… All. Time. Low.

It surely was a short show compared to what I’m used to, but it sure as hell was one for the books.

Mostly cause they played one of my favorite songs ever and I got to sing it full blast with my friends, and I got to see one of the hottest shows I’ve experienced by them.

Starting off with title track for the album and opener for it too, they came onstage to the endearing riff of Last Young Renegade.
This was one of those songs I was looking forward the most to live, mostly cause the chorus has been stuck in my head since it came out, and the music video is so fun, but that riff, man, THAT RIFF. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, listen to it, and you’ll find yourself humming it and singing the “oh-oh, oh-oh-oh” part out loud.
Taking us back in time with some classics such as Damned If I Do Ya (and its famous chorus, getting everyone to the same beat), Backseat Serenade (and its wicked guitar solo on the live version), then Guts (that the band’s been playing ever-since Wembley).

My favorite song on the record was (and is still) Life Of The Party.
There’s something about that song that gets me. I don’t know if it’s the subject of losing yourself and not knowing who you are anymore of the fact that Alex delivers some of his best vocals on it, but this song was definitely one of those songs that got me crying. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHY BUT I CRIED. AND THAT SOLO. Oh my god, the FUCKING SOLO on that song live just killed me (and shows how much the band can be versatile on their songs live).

Missing You was the bonus song I could blame for my tears. I have this one friend who always cries during it because the song means that much to her, and she means so much to me, and knowing what she went through and what I went through, I’ll always have tears during it and I’ll always call her during it if she’s not here with me.

Vegas definitely was the highlight of my night. It’s in my top 2 favorite songs by All Time Low ever, so you can imagine me going absolutely crazy on the first notes before Alex even started singing it.
There’s a line that goes “My friends are a different breed, my friends are everything” and getting to sing that with my best friends next to me was a priceless memory that I’ll cherish forever. (And for the romantic side of it, it also has the line “I would’ve married you in Vegas, had you, given me the chance to say I do” which I love and would die if anyone ever got on one knee during that song and proposed).

Something’s Gotta Give and Dirty Laundry are both the first singles being outed for the two last albums they’ve had, so it’s only natural to put them back to back and have the whole crowd chanting to those anthems. People might have had doubts about the first time DL was shown to the world, but it changed so much from what they used to make, and now it’s one of my favorite songs live !

Nice2KnoU was another highlight of the night, and I swear I never danced as much on a song. Party tune, crowd-pleaser and dance-initiator, definitely a must on the setlist and I hope they never take it off !

From Nothing PersonalTherapy yet again got me crying for the millionth time and Weightless screaming from the top of my lungs that it wouldn’t be my week end, but that it was gonna be my year.

Lost In Stereo is that one song that whenever you listen to it, live or studio, comes a moment where everyone drops their phone (in an era where everybody’s got their phone glued in hand) just to clap on the “Sit back gotta catch my breath*claps claps*“. Oh and did I tell you that it was one of my favorite songs by All Time Low and especially live cause it’s double paced so twice as fun ?

Good Times was, to my big surprise, really good live. Don’t get me wrong, I love the song, but it’s definitely not one of my favorite, so having it as a single with an orchestra and as next single, meh. I thought it’d be another song from the album. But it does have a certain echo to it that will resonate with arenas and big venues (especially if it plays with the orchestra behind).

Last but not least, Kids In The Dark came as an anthem for all the underdogs out there who find refuge in music and concerts (and I remember Wembley where everyone had fluorescent paint on themselves to be the “kids in the dark”) and Dear Maria Count Me In, anthem to any ATL fan. If you tell me you’ve never heard someone cough and then yourself go “I GOT YOUR PICTURE I’M COMING WITH YOU, DEAR MARIA COUNT ME IN”, then you’re a liar (or not a very good fan of ATL, it’s like a rally song).

When I got out of that show, I felt at peace with myself again. I cried all I had to cry, and I sang and screamed all my emotions into the wind (or into the persons around me’s ears).

Never underestimate the power of music and even less the power of concerts. It’s my safe haven, my safe place, and god knows it’s where I find everything I need.

Is it possible to never grow tired of songs and hearing them live and dancing to them live ? Cause as years pass by and no matter how many concerts I go to, I’m never growing out of listening and dancing to my favorite songs, by my favorite band and never getting tired of wanting to do it all again and over again for as long as I breathe.

1. Last Young Renegade
2. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
3. Backseat Serenade
4. Guts
5. Life Of The Party
6. Missing You
7. Vegas
8. Something’s Gotta Give
9. Dirty Laundry
10. Nice2KnoU
11. Therapy
12. Weightless
13. Lost In Stereo
14. Good Times
15. Kids In The Dark
16. Dear Maria Count Me In

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