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Our Last Night Interview


More like “Our BEST Night” ! #punintended

It’s no surprise that a band that can both cover awesome songs AND write their own material and keep their musical identity deserves to be featured everywhere !
I’ve been listening to them for years now, and I can remember the exact day where I started listening to them (and that’s how much I love these guys). And with every new record, I fall more and more in love with that band and their songs and topics, various, relatable, depicting emotions. HUMANS.

After days spent listening to Selective Hearing on repeat, I heard they were coming to tour the EU, and I could not miss it.

Following their recent concert in Toulouse, France,  Our Last Night and I discussed their most recent album out, the recording process and what to expect from the band and what’s to come. What’s really amazing, is how you get to connect with artists on a whole new level when you get to ask them questions about their artistry and get to know them a little better.

Music is a window into the soul of the artist.

Take a peek in their window by reading below:

1) You’ve spent an entire summer on the Warped Tour and now you’re onto this European and UK tour, do you ever feel like you might need to slow down on tours going one after the next or is the energy from one keeps you going for the next ?
We actually decided to slow down our touring schedule a few years ago. A lot of bands hurt themselves by over touring and we have gone through phases where we have felt like we were touring too much. We try to keep it to one US Tour and one International tour per year. We also feel like our fanbase grows more and faster when we are at home creating content and recording music.
2) You’ve put out a new EP on June 9th, Selective Hearing, what was your approach going into recording that album ? How was it different from recording the previous ones ?
When we got the offer for Warped tour in late 2016 we decided that it was perfect timing to put out another release before the tour. So we started writing and demoing in early 2017 and recording the album in the few months leading up to the tour. We decided to do an EP because we wanted to spend more time on less songs. We’re starting to feel that when you jump into writing and record 12+ songs at one time at least half of them don’t get the attention you wished they had. 
3) What is, to you, the best song on it ? Is it the same one you enjoy the most playing live or what’s your favorite song to play live from this album ? 
Tongue Tied and Ghost in the Machine are my personal favorites. Tongue Tied goes back and forth between 5/4, 4/4, and 10/4 time signatures (music nerd stuff) but it gives the song a really interesting feel, Tim’s drum parts on that song are crazy as well. And Ghost in the Machine goes back and forth between minor and major keys which I’ve never been able to pull off before. The work that was put into these songs makes me a little bit more proud of them specifically. We’re playing both songs on our European Tour now and they are a blast to play. 
4) Where did you go to, inspiration wise, to write this record ? 
For me, a lot of the recent cultural/social/political tension inspired songs like Common Ground, Broken Lives, Tongue Tied, and Free Radicals. A lot of people seem more interested in choosing a team or side instead of trying to understand each others point of view, resulting in outrage and division.
5) What is the meaning of Selective Hearing ? Music to me, is having your own interpretation sometimes, and here, when I listen to the whole EP, I’m considering almost being at war with what people expect from me and people trying to undermine me, and the whole of the songs is fighting back, not letting them win. 
The term “Selective Hearing” is used as a lyric in Tongue Tied. The full line is “You’ve got both ears on me, constantly analyzing, waiting for me to misspeak through selective hearing”. It’s speaking to someone who really doesn’t want to give you a chance to speak or express your opinion. Instead of hearing you out they they take little bits and pieces of things to misrepresent you. This problem is especially amplified on social media nowadays, people get crucified every day for simply making a joke or sharing something slightly controversial. We tend to get stuck in an echo chamber of our own opinions on social media and I don’t think that’s a good thing for society. The smaller your world the smaller your opinion tends to be. 
6) The last line of the EP is “It’s not easy to believe what our eyes can’t see, but I am more than just a ghost in the machine”. What would you say to someone that says they feel the weight of the world is just too much and are going through a tough time ? The song to me, is almost a call out to remind ourselves that we are not alone and we are all battling our inner demons with the rest of the world too, but we need to hold on cause “we’re more than just ghosts in the machine”
That’s a cool take on it! I’ve just reached a point where it’s impossible for me to deny that there is a spiritual / non material aspect to being human. Unfortunately there’s been a growing trend to hold a nihilistic world view or you’re looked at as some sort of uneducated weirdo. It requires a leap of faith of to believe that there is a greater meaning for our existence but I feel that there is a natural want for humans to have faith in something greater. The song is more specifically a shot against nihilism than advocacy of a specific religion, which would require a lot longer of a conversation. 
7) You’ve recently covered the song 1-800-273-8255 by Logic (and it’s quickly topped all other covers to me honestly). What was the reaction you got with a song turned rap into rock and having such a difficult subject to talk about ?
It seemed like our fans loved the song, we’ve covered a similar subject with our song “Sunrise” which is our most popular song, so it translated well. We loved covering the song, we were already a huge fan of the song before we covered it.
8) You’re now a self-produced band, and have been for quite a while, how do you feel it’s impacted the way you write and record songs ?
It definitely does. It gives us more freedom and time to work on the songs, and to produce them the way we hear them. It’s a lot of work but so rewarding once the songs are finished.
9) How do you decide on which song to cover next ? What are some of your favorite covers ? (Besides the ones you play live obviously)
We’re always looking at pop charts and Spotify top 100 to see what songs are starting to get popular. The goal is to cover a song when it is on the rise and a lot of people are searching for that song on YouTube. Our cover will come up as a suggestion to the original video on YouTube which is how a lot of our fans discover us. Although some songs are popular, it might not make sense for us musically to cover. We’ve taken a risk with some rap songs and a lot of people have enjoyed those, with a little bit of mixed response from some. 
10) Are you gonna do another full album acoustic like the one you made for Oak Island ? (Personal favorite, I have to admit, I’m a sucker for acoustics so… looking forward to more acoustics from you guys)
We’ve talked about doing some songs acoustically from Selective Hearing. We might work on some in December after we get home from the European Tour we’re on now. 
11) Would you ever sign again on a label or would you rather stay independent ?
We’re open to anything, the right opportunity and timing would have to align. But as of now it doesn’t take much sense for us. We like the freedom of being an independent band and it’s got us this far.
12) Are there any projects to record another full LP soon ? 
We will definitely be working on one in 2018.
Thanks a lot you guys for the awesome insights and replies ! I’ll definitely be listening to Selective Hearing with an other look now and if it’s possible, with even more love than I already have for it !
Catch Our Last Night in Nantes and Paris on October 24th and 25th and the rest of EU throughout October and November ! Dates below

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