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KNUCKLE PUCK – Shapeshifter Review. PopPunk shapeshifter heroes

Trying to stay as neutral as possible…

Who am I kidding…


I never thought there’d be such a thing as “too short” for an album, but here I think I’ve reached the point where I can safely say on behalf of every fan and everyone : THIS ALBUM. IS. TOO. SHORT.

I need more.

I’ve listened to it front to back more than I can count. I’ve rarely related so much to an album and it’s become one of my favorite records ever as soon as it came out, and I never would’ve thought that to be possible !

When they first announced a new album and delivered title song Gone, everybody freaked out, and they were right !

Rise Records pop punk leaders are safely one of the best in the scene and they have this knack for songwriting… Their songs will touch your soul as well as your mind. It’s funny how they’ve got a song for every string of mood I go through.
And what’s more is that they also use literary words which will not only be a good way to show how good their penmanship is, but also might teach one or two a few words. I’ll gladly admit it first that it so happened during a couple times that I didn’t know what certain words meant. It’s the perfect example of what music can teach sometimes.

Friday 13th of October 2017, Midnight, I’m already buying the albums on iTunes.

And I’ve almost not slept cause I was too busy listening to this masterpiece.

Affirming their ground and their sound, Knuckle Puck delivers an album full of feels, full of emotions, and power riffs that’ll make you want to both be in a venue and mosh, AND also stay home under a blanket by a rainy fall afternoon, screaming the lyrics while crying over not knowing how to cope with your own feelings.

Let’s get into it with my 4 favorite tracks on the record ! (And truthfully, I chose 4 but I love all the songs equally and the whole album is a fucking masterpiece, I won’t say it enough).

This was the second single announced by the band mid September, and they kept teasing the song on their social medias, with the intro riff until the full song kicks in. I was going mental over this honestly, I couldn’t wait to see the whole thing !
And when I did, I knew it was bound to be one of my favorite new songs !
Not only is it a song I’m screaming from the top of my lungs at all times, but it also has one of my favorite line going “Can I rewrite my code? Retain the good and purge the bad“.
I’d say “it doesn’t get better than that”, but who am I kidding, there’s at least one line in every song that I’d get tattooed if I could.

Song number 2 on the record but fighting to the number one spot in my heart. With echoing throughout the song, and rhythm that’ll make you jump up and down in your own room, you’ll be unable to stop yourself from doing just that and not dance.
Plus, there again, line worth getting inked on me “I’ve been wandering, hopelessly, lost in my own skin“. Knuckle Puck is talented that way, in saying things you think or things you’re then thinking “damn, they’re so right, it’s so true”.
This song to me represents being so lost yourself that you’re scared of being a deadweight to the relationship you’re on, and I honestly couldn’t have dreamt of a more accurate and better song to express all of these feelings you’re feeling when it’s the case.

If there’s one think punk stands for, it’s speaking or calling out what’s wrong in society. NOFX did a great job at that and I started listening to them through One Tree Hill and Peyton Sawyer.
But we’re not here to talk about OTH. However, I can tell you, that that song would’ve definitely made it onto Peyton’s playlist for what it stands.
I choose the line “Everyone around me slipped blindly into the molds they made, Everyone, everyone lies to me, lies to me”.
I think it’s pretty self explanatory. It’s true we’ve come to a point where we all want the latest things, the best things, the expensive things and not necessarily because we need them but because we’ve been taught to want them. Society built us moulds to fit in and you can either stand out and be your own person or fit in that space they built for you. I don’t know about you but I, for one, want to stand out. And this song is like a rally call to keep on doing what I do and be who I am without fitting into that damn mould.

This song is my most favorite on the record.
To me, it’s not just about an ex relationship, it can also be for someone you’re in a relationship with at the moment. This song is also a shoutout to me from me (or that’s how I feel).
Sometimes you can’t bear yourself so you feel like you wanna leave but can’t. And other times you feel unwanted. I know the feeling of not feeling wanted…
There are two times in the song that makes me cry EVERY. TIME.
First is when they sing “They say that time heals everything, but what if time is everything“, and I’m already on foetal position on my bed ready to bawl my eyes out. Time is a killer, we all know that. Now they put words to it.
Then when the song goes into the middle eight “Do you even wonder where I am? (Want me around) I’ve been awake and I’ll stay awake (Want me around) (Until you see me again)“, I feel like it’s both a cry for help to someone you miss and also to the person you want to be or used to be.
I’m very much into self-help and self-healing when it comes to old wounds and this song, man, this song is so powerful. I both wanna cry (and actually cry) and laugh singing it because it has this effect on me. It’s both helpful and an outlet to the pain, anger or sadness I feel.

You’ll have gotten it by now, Knuckle Puck have made what to me is one of the bests album of 2017 and one of the bests album in pop punk ever. I thought I’d have trouble after Copacetic, because it was just THAT good too, but this is playing on a whole new level, and into the big scene of things. If this doesn’t shoot them into bigger and bigger venues, I don’t know what will. This is Knuckle Puck at its best, sheer perfection of their craft and who they are as artists.

SHAPESHIFTER out via Rise Records everywhere

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