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HIGHTOWER – Club Dragon review, slaying punk rock

Hey guys !

Today’s band is one from my own country and I’m actually glad I got to have them sent my way, cause they’re REALLY GOOD !

They’re called Hightower and have just released an album called Club Dragon via Krod Records.

To be honest, I’ve never closely paid attention to French bands except for a couple ones, just because. But when a little birdie told me “You should check them out, they’re good”, well, I did. And I liked it. *bows down*

When I listen to music, I always try to look for that one little thing that sparks an interest in me, and I’m glad to have had that when I listened to them for the first time. Being French, they however sing in English and I gotta admit, it played its part, cause I have a preference with music sang in English.
One of the strong headlines of the Krod Records roster, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them headline the biggest punk venues of the country and be amongst festivals such as Reading and Leeds and Rock En Seine.

Club Dragon is one of those albums I wished I had in high school, and I’m glad to have now. Why ? Keep reading !


Altogether, the album is a strong punk album, with killer riffs and the mix between nostalgia and anger that you’d expect from any punk band that wants to be relevant. Drawing from 90’s bands and beginning of 2000’s bands, they’ve mixed and created their own sound which will leave you wanting more, and listen to the album in a go, and you won’t even notice time passing by !
I almost got up a couple times to mosh in my own room, but what’s the point of moshing alone *facepalm*
At some point, I even thought I was listening to a mix of The Story So Far and Real Friends ! And that’s two of my most beloved bands so that’s to say !

The album is a sweet mix of everything I love: good vocals, energy, and songs that’ll stick in your head ! It’s also one of those albums where I love the songs and don’t necessarily need a reason to love them, I just do, cause they make me feel young again, make me feel full of energy and most importantly, make you FEEL something.

If you want a few examples, here are some of my favorites !

Numero Uno : has a nice acoustic start, then it gets harder, punk-er, and it gets really to setting the tone of the record and what it’s gonna sound like.

Hedonic Treadmill : Foo Fighter-esque feeling to the song on how it starts, great vocals and strong guitar lead. Honestly, if you’ve got a strong guitar lead and a way to build up a song by simply strumming your guitar, you’ve already got a way to my heart. This song gets closer to classic rock and punk, if you love The Pretender or Everlong, this song is the one you should listen to first !

Tournesol : Sometimes a song doesn’t need much more explanation, good punk song.

Titty Twister : Love the riff, this song reminds me of early Sum41 and All Time Low. It also gets me to be curious and want to go to their show just to see this song live.

To The Hole : instrumental track setting tone for a video game, I could see this song being used in a role-playing game or a trailer for a super hero movie and it’d work perfectly for it !

Cheyenne Mountain : I always pay more attention to the songs that starts the album and ends the album. Here the song is a regular punk song BUT has an acoustic finish which kinda reflects on the first song where it went acoustic < punk and here it goes punk < acoustic and the symmetry has won over my heart.

I’m always careful with listening to some bands cause I’m scared I won’t have anything constructive to say, but I’m glad I got to discover this band and give a full listen to their album and now put my favorite songs by them in my every-day playlist !

Check out their single Party below !

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