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From Lambs To Lions interview, Out Of The Shadow And Into The Light !

Hi guys !

Today, I will introduce you to one of your new favorite bands (and one of mine) : From Lambs To Lions.

I found these guys out through their cover of Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, 3 years ago and I knew I had to keep and fuel my interest in them. Over the last 3 years, they’ve outed a bunch of songs, a bunch of covers, and a bunch of videos, and guess what ? My interest is still fuelled and maintained ! And I’m psyched to be looking forward to more from them !

If you’re a fan of Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, While She Sleeps and Bury Tomorrow, you’ll love them too !

About to release a new EP, I’m lucky enough to have had the opportunity to interview them, so read below to get to know From Lambs To Lions a little better and love them a little harder !



  1. Where do you get your name from ?
    Our name is derived from the quote “Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions”
  2. Introduce yourselves  (and give us a fun fact about you individually) 
    My name is Ryan, I do vocals for From Lambs To Lions! A fun little fact about myself is I would sacrifice my left eye for a lifetime supply of Chick-Fil-A. We don’t have one around us so whenever we are on tour or have to travel for a show and we see one, I demand that we stop. It is amazing and delicious and everything I need in my life.
  3. How’d you get together as a band ?
    Marvin (drums) and I actually met on Craigs List. Not in the way you think lol. His old guitarist put up an ad for a bassist for his band at the time. I used to play bass before starting on vocals, so I decided to hit him up. Marv and I have been in bands together ever since.
  4. What’s your favorite cover done between WANEEGBT and Closer ?
    It’s a really close call. I’d probably go with Closer. Just for the fact that it’s newer and it’s an absolute blast to play live.
  5. How’d you choose to cover a song from Taylor Swift ? (side note: I’m a total fan of hers and honestly thought your cover was one of the best cover I’ve ever heard for a Taytay song)
    Thank you, man!! Much appreciated. I used to work at Journeys and the song was actually on our video that used to play on repeat all day long. I heard it for the first time at work and fell in love with it instantly and thought it would be an AWESOME song to cover! Next thing ya know, Marv and I are off to the studio to record that alongside our debut EP.
  6. Who wrote the songs for the EP that came out earlier this year ?
    Marv and I collaborated with Johnny Franck (Attack Attack!) to write the debut EP!
  7. Any plans on a full LP ?
    We would love the opportunity to get a full length out to our fans soon! It’s something we’ve always wanted to do and hopefully will be in the works sooner than you think.
  8. What record label would you like to be part of ?
    We have heard phenomenal things about Sumerian. I feel like that would be an ideal place for FLTL!
  9. How would you describe your genre of music ?
    It’s just an assortment of fun songs that anyone can relate to. We write from every day experiences, things that have happened to us in the past, etc. And we feel like anyone who presses play on an FLTL cd can find a song they genuinely relate to and will fall in love with.
  10. What bands inspire you and/or are an example to you ?
    We’re all inspired by MANY different bands. From Asking Alexandria to Guns N Roses. From Memphis May Fire to The Used. There’s a lot of different bands that influence us as musicians and our music that we create!
  11. Who’s the weirdest one in the band ? Who has the weirdest habits on tour or in rehearsals ?
    It’s quite hard to pick the weirdest one, to be totally honest with you. Our rehearsals are filled with odd rituals, TONS of dad jokes, and much more.
  12. If you could trade place for one day with another band, who would you choose ? And if you could trade place with one another in the band, who would it be and why ?
    I’d love to trade places with Asking Alexandria. Danny was the reason I got into singing and screaming and, without him, FLTL would’ve never been a thing! And if I were to switch places with someone in the band for a day, I’d have to say Marv. His life is pretty damn interesting, plus drums are incredibly fun and I’ve always wanted to be able to play them at a decent level haha.
  13. Finally, what places would you like to tour ? A country that attracts you more than the rest ?
    I would love the opportunity to go to Japan one day to experience their culture and just explore the different cities for a few days!

You won’t be able to say that you haven’t heard it from me first ! From Lambs To Lions is destined to be amongst the greats of the scene ! Be on the look out for them, and in case you wanted to get to know them more, you can always check out the videos below!

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