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NECK DEEP INCIDENT: Fans Heroes (and thoughts about it)

Last night, I was browsing twitter as per usual, when I came across multiple videos from Neck Deep’s show in Nottingham Rock City. So I had to give my two cents about it. Sorry #NotSorry

Whatever the security’s reasons were, there’s never a reason to get physical with fans at a punk show, especially when you know there’s bound to be crowdsurfing and it’s bound to get a little rowdy (but all in good fun, no violence).
Neck Deep stoop up for their fans and are now standing as heroes in the pop punk scene (and I’m the fist one to admire how greatly they’ve handled the situation and how fucking amazing it is that bands actually do care that much about fans)

Now, get in mind that I have no idea what happened really, but here’s what I’ve gathered.

  • Neck Deep were two songs into the set when a crowd surfer got pulled out and smashed on the ground by security
  • Fil (bassist) took it to the security to smack them as to signal not to do the same to the fans and that they shouldn’t have done it
  • Security started pulling Neck Deep members out of stage
  • Photograph Elliot Ingham got caught in the crossfire of the exchange between the band and the security
  • Members of Neck Deep stood up for their fans and still got pulled off stage
  • They weren’t allowed back to finish the show
  • Ben (singer) came out to mic drop on why the show was over
  • Fans stood up for the band as well and STILL they weren’t able to finish what they had started

Let’s get talking about this.

To me, gigs and concerts are a safe place. Reality and life are hard enough without having to worry about what could happen in a place that’s supposed to be only happy and fun.
Sure, people crowd surf and sometimes you get a foot or a hand in your face, but it’s nothing no one else would do, I mean, it’s punk, it’s fun, and if I weren’t so shy, I’d probably want to do it too.
To be acknowledged, is that when a show takes place, the staff is required to know what could happen, so to say that they were bound to see crowdsurfing or some rowdiness would be an understatement.
I get that a security’s job ain’t the easiest one, especially during some shows like that, cause you’re always scared about what could happen and scared to be put on the spot if anything happens to anyone and they end up suing the venue or the staff.
But in no way, is it acceptable to do what security did last night.


You don’t tackle someone down just because they were crowdsurfing !
Security’s gonna let pass the fact that some people take advantage of crowds to grope other people, but won’t let someone have harmless fun ? Seriously ?
Security is supposed to look out for safety hazards, and up till someone proves me otherwise, I’m sorry but crowd surf has never been a security hazard. You go down to the front or the back of the crowd, but it’s all in fair game and people are happy, period.
You don’t get physical with someone who was just having a good time.

And most importantly, if the band calls you out on it, you don’t diss them or act like you’re the boss.

I’m not one to say that people should learn how to stay in their place, but clearly here, I would have said that. Dude, you’re security, you don’t get to get handsy with the band because they tell you to chill or tell you not to be like that with fans.
Some people come from far to see their favorite band, and have lots of expenses coming to a show, so don’t be a dick and don’t get the show cancelled just cause you couldn’t fucking take someone crowdsurfing and it was too much for your little person to handle.

If you wanted a nice and peaceful show, you should’ve worked in a theatre or classical musical hall venue, not a punk rock venue.

Point is, last night, someone in security grew a pair and took it to be a jerk to the crowd and when the band got involved in the situation, got the whole show cancelled.

This is not okay. Shows are supposed to be a safe haven, a safe space. And unfortunately, when it’s not other outside events that scare us, it’s events like this that get on our nerves and get us hostile and afraid of security and put everybody on edge.

I don’t want to talk bad about security either, cause not all security officers are jerks like this one. I had a very nice encounter with one at an All Time Low show who knew all the words to songs and was a fan of rock music too, therefore knew what to expect from the crowd.

But this incident isn’t a stand alone event, and unfortunately it happens all too often nowadays at some pop punk shows or rock shows, that security is just a bunch of gorillas that care more about their pay-cheques than fans or people in the room.
Guess what guys. You can actually do both without being an asshole to fans of the band playing that night.

In my opinion, security agents should know what to expect and in which case to act. There’s a difference between helping someone down from crowdsurfing and tackling him to punish him because you don’t get this is fun and you feel it’s unsafe.

So far, I’ve read more articles about security guards being violent to fans than fans getting hurt in crowdsurfing.

This isn’t okay and will never be.

Neck Deep reacted well by standing up for their fans. I already had a huge respect for them and it keeps on growing because of stuff like that. I think there’s nothing worse when you’re a band than to stand by and watch your fans get hurt or get taken down, and/or getting a show cancelled because of stuff like that. It’s a pain for the band, and for the fans as well.

Don’t be that dick that gets a show cancelled.

And don’t underestimate the power of pop-punk family and the support in the scene.

To leave on a positive thing, here’s Neck Deep’s opening track on their latest record The Peace And The Panic that unfortunately they didn’t get to play. Hope the people in Nott’ will have a rescheduled show in a different venue and will be able to see it.

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