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MONDAY FEELING (Music Of the Week #6 )

Hey guys !

Autumn is finally here and with it, a bunch of new tunes, new music videos and hopefully, the one for you !

Let’s begin !

P!nk – Beautiful Trauma
First song into the week, is by P!nk.
Of course the first song outed in what seemed forever was gorgeous anthem What About Us, anthem to all the underdogs out there.
But what followed up really set the tone for the album. Title track Beautiful Trauma is all about loving someone so much that you lose yourself and find yourself in the process (and isn’t that what love is all about ?). If you don’t believe me, check her lyrics and see it by yourself, and tell me you’ve never identified to it.
This set out to be my favorite out of all 3 of her singles out promoting her album.
As always, pushing her voice to obtain those notes that’ll make you shiver, Pink took long enough to put those songs out, but they are oh so worth it. Check it for yourself below with what is one of my favorite songs by her yet (and look out for my album review that upcoming week).

Movements – Colorblind
I discovered Movements with this song, and to be honest, I’ll be looking out for their album to come out and will probably listen to it for a while once it is. Here, the band delivers a poignant song about feeling like you’re not enough with someone and having purposely messed up a relationship with someone that you were deeply in love with (and possibly the best one yet). I relate to this on a personal level and this song helped me see that I needed to make a change before I sing this song and mean the words. I don’t want to be colourblind anymore, but I do love that they sing about it.

Echosmith – Get Into My Car
Following their career since the beginning (and the amazing breakthrough of their single Cool Kids, AND a whole Warped Tour), I have to say that I’ve been wanting a new Echosmith album since as soon as the previous one got out.
Leaving behind their more pop acoustic sound behind to fully focus on a pop sound, I’ve been through many reviews regarding their new EP, and I have to say that I found one that perfectly fitted from AllMusic, saying “creating a blend that sounds like 1989-era Taylor Swift fronting the 2017 incarnations of PVRIS“. And I honestly couldn’t have said it better. First time I heard these songs, I thought to myself “this is totally something Taytay could have written and/or sung”. And if I’m saying this, you best believe this is the biggest compliment I could give.
Here with the dream-esque Get Into My Car, the band is gonna have you falling for them while singing “Get into my car, get into my life, Get into my heart, you know what I like, Can give me something that I don’t know how to live without“.
Well done guys, WELL DONE. It’s a 5*/5*  for me !

Broadside – I Love You I Love You It’s Disgusting
Victory Records band Broadside gives us a perfect rendition of another pop punk love song, I honestly love the title to such a pretty song. Genius. If you don’t feel a bit in love after hearing the ukulélé love ballad and the line “I’ll take care of your heart no matter where we are“, then you are heartless ! This is cute AF and I wish I’d have someone say that to me !

Macklemore – Good Old Days (feat Kesha)
Kesha is back for good and strongly this year.
After an amazing number one album in the charts, she’s now featured on one of the biggest rappers of those latest years.
Now solo, Macklemore’s album is, with no surprise, A HUGE BANGER. And when I saw the tracklist for the album, this song was the one I was looking forward to the most, and it didn’t disappoint me in any bit !
Singing about the old days around a campfire is exactly the scene you’d imagine for the reminiscing and for the song; Both combined and you’ve got pleasure for the ears and for the eyes !

Knuckle Puck – Want Me Around
So far so good. It’s a Home Run for Knuckle Puck who releases their last single before the album is officially out and what a song too ! Heartbreaking pop punk ballad will break your heart and make you feel the pain of not being wanted by someone. There again, somehow, I’ve related to that song on a personal level, so you can already guess that it’ll be one of my favorite on the new (highly anticipated and one of my already favorite of 2017) album !


Hope you like it and let me know on social medias which song did you like the most 😉

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