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MUSIC MONDAY (Music Of The Week #5)

Hey guys !

Welcome back to another session for Music Of The Week !

This time, no separation between electronic, rock or rap… This week, it’s all about rock n roll !

So let’s get started, shall we ?

It had been a while since we’d heard of WCAR, and I was looking forward to hear what they had to offer next, since their last album had been a huge music crush for me when it came out.
It’s with great surprise that apparently I’ve read that they almost were about to throw in the towel ! The only drama I usually tend to in the music business, is to know which label the bands are signed to. I guess things turned around for them when they got signed to newly founded Sharptone Records. And I’m glad they did ! I would’ve been pissed to not hear from them anymore !
I fell in love with them when I heard Let These Words Last Forever and stuck with them forever since, catching up on what I’d missed. I also fell even harder for them after seeing them live in my little town of Montpellier in the south of France, for the European Vans Warped in 2013.
Take it 4 years and an album later, and I’m glad to have new WCAR to put on my iPod and in my ears !
I’m always hyped when they out something for multiple reasons, the first being that their lyrics are always on point and relatable. Second, those rhythmics, KILL ME. I’m a guitarist and speaking from a music point of view, I know people in metal and hardcore are used to them, but there’s something in WCAR’s riffs that I can’t quite put my finger on and they just make me happy for no reason and make me wanna jump up and down a lot just with their music. Last but not least, the energy in the band is still very much here, and if I’ve read that people turned their back on them, one thing’s for sure, they made the best of a shitty situation and they’re back stronger than ever, and if not better than ever.
In the meantime, check out their new music video out this week below called Lost In The Moment !


Everybody was shocked when Danny left AA to focus on various other projects. Long story short, the other singer didn’t work out (though The Black was defo a killer one) and after some time of uncertainty, Danny finally came to his senses and re joined his old band.
Now, say what you want, like it or hate it, Danny is an amazing singer whose vocals are his own trademark and wanted by many. I’ve even read this one comment online saying “how can he sound both like an angel and a devil”, which to be honest, I wondered too. And I love it.
After hitting the road this year, the band went back to the studios and teased us many times the past 2 years. And after months of promoting the title “Into The Fire” via social medias, and various rock stars, friends of the bands, fans, they finally put out the music video and song.
And let me tell you. This song. IS. AMAZING.
It’s been on repeat since it came out. I literally cannot have myself listening to anything else. Now add to the fact that the music video has some Sin City, graphic novel vibe, and you got yourself one for the books !
Their new album coming out in december has to be one of the most awaited this year, so, keep coming round for updates on that and in the meantime, check the MV below !


ADTR is one of those bands that can be so versatile as being super heavy one moment and making you wanna punch pillows and dance like a fool, and at the same time, they can put out songs like We Got This, anthem for the underdogs, song that’ll make you feel at home when you’re alone in a crowded room and most importantly, just a feel-good song that can do no wrong and that’s perfectly fit to anyone feeling down. No longer stories there.
Hope you’ll like this video as much as I did and if you haven’t been to an ADTR show yet, now’s the time to correct that, so head out to to find the closest date to you and go to it. Promise you won’t regret it!


Yet another song that’s been playing on repeat ever since the album came out last April. The Maine is one of those bands that you can never go wrong with as long as you’ve got them in your playlist. Honestly. Plus with Lovely Little Lonely, the band’s achieved yet another flawless record, with perfect transitions, perfect songs, perfect music and perfect lyrics.
Always been a sucker for bands who talk about the struggles of not feeling good and feeling like you have no one listening to you. But obviously, the band knows the feeling and sing about it in How Do You Feel, where for once, I truly feel like I could go to the band and be like “hey guys, you know what ? I actually don’t feel so good, mind telling me what you think of this or that ?”. The Maine, you will forever have my heart. Thank you so much for this song.


I have one rule (barney stinson style): FOO. FIGHTERS. ALWAYS. ON. REPEAT.
If you tell me you don’t have at least one Foo Fighters song on your playlist, I will either judge you or tell you you’re lying, cause everyone’s got that one Foo Fighters song that you sing your lungs out to.
I got on-board late, but in my defense, I never listened to Nirvana until I was in my emo phase at the start of high-school. Anyway, when FF teased that they were releasing new music, the hype was real for me !
I literally couldn’t stop listening to their albums. And when they finally released Run, I knew the album was gonna be another one yet that I’d listen to non stop and still wouldn’t be able to see live (cause of course they’d never tour near where I live). BUT, I was glad nonetheless cause let’s face it: Foo Fighters are so rock n roll that whenever you listen to them, you instantly turn into a rockstar and become pro in air guitar, air drumming and singing.
And the whole band are so funny, like, WTF ! Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to be in Foo Fighters, cause clearly these guys are not “rockstars” as people may think they are, they’re just a bunch of human beings who live rock n roll, play rock n roll, but are fun as hell, and if I could, I’d invite them over for a bouncy castle party with tea and heavy rock. Who’s in ?
And also, clearly, those old people rocking out in that music video, is any one who’s grown up with them haha.


Hope you guys like this week’s Music Of The Week ! Let me know what you fancy the most 😉

Peace out !

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