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LADY GAGA, a FIVE FOOT TWO pop giant mother monster

I’ve been meaning to write about Gaga for quite a bit now, wanting to review her album and all, but never got quite around to it. Finally, I’ve sat myself up with a cup of coffee this morning, got on Netflix, and noticed that Gaga’s new documentary was up.

It came out September 22nd and I had planned to watch it at some point, so it was all for the best ! I could watch it, and write about it, also talking about Joanne at the same time, as we come closer to the 1 year anniversary of the album.

I’ve always looked up to Gaga, not necessarily being a hardcore fan, camping outside, or stalking her, but I’ve always respected her artistry to a higher level, and even more so when Born This Way came out around the same time I did haha. The songs and the whole album were just a huge way to relieve the tension and be a little bit myself when I was at home and feeling like shit for owning up to who I was.

Gaga’s artistry (or craziness as some might have called it) has always been on another level, but that’s why people respected her.

She was an underdog and she stood out in a sea of conformity. I’m glad she set out the way for other artists to not be scared to be different.

After a third album in the form of Artpop, Gaga went out of the radar for a bit, and people were worried. Same people who used to criticize her somehow (go figure).

Now take it back to 2016, when Gaga, surprised everyone by dropping a major banger on us in the form of Perfect Illusion.
Few days later, an announcement was made that an album would come out on October 21st.
Let me tell you. If Artpop was an album that I thought was good, but not my kind of « play-it-on-repeat » album, I had high expectations for the new one to come.

And after Perfect Illusion, its mosh-pit music video and the preview for A-Yo, I could only have high hopes for Joanne !

I wasn’t disappointed, obviously.

You’ll have guessed, I’m a huge guitar lover, so as long as there are guitars on an album, it already has good points to me.

When the album came out, I didn’t even listen to it, I immediately bought it off iTunes, and a year later, I’m still jamming to it !
More soulful, more pop rock, more country than ever before, Gaga shows a new side of her, which, to me, totally suits her and really defines who she is.
As said previously, I’m not a hardcore fan, so I can’t say that she’s like that or this or that. I’ve only ever watched the major interviews and looked up her philanthropy. But to me, Joanne really demonstrated a side of her which people would soon fall in love with, if not already, and would definitely be a turn of event in her career.
Now, when she was announced as the Halftime Show for the 51st Super Bowl, I wasn’t surprised. I was so happy, and being a fervent watcher of the Super Bowl every year, I was even more looking forward to this year’s ! Gaga and a stadium ? Fuck, it was gonna be mental (it was), and I would’ve given anything to be there !

Take it now a few months later, after the Super Bowl and the start of the Joanne tour started, and Lady Gaga surprised everyone by outing a documentary on Netflix showing her steps from recording Joanne to the final big step of the Halftime Show.

Awaited by everyone, it was gonna be legen- wait for it… – DARY.

I’ve watched many movies about the lives of artists that I liked and admired, and I’ve seen my bunch of behind-the-scenes, but I have to admit, Gaga’s was particularly enlightening and pleasing to see.

Starting as a sight into her studio life recording the album and working with Mark Ronson and Bloodpop, I knew who produced the album, but once you get to see how it all came together, you tend to understand a bit more of why the album sounds like it does.

Whilst writing the album, Gaga went through the end of a relationship, body pain, doubt…

I know that they say that a heartbreak writes a better love song and better material, but sometimes you have to wonder if it’s all worth it. And nobody knows it better than her. Make the most of it. Make the most of everything that hurts you.

Witnessed also in it, is the recording of the album. And out of all the singers that could be featured on the album, Florence Welch couldn’t have been a better choice !

I’m always looking at those documentaries from an outside point of view, because of course, it’s never gonna paint the artist in a bad light. It’s made for the fans.

But to someone who isn’t necessarily a fan and just appreciates the music, it really was explanatory and a good thing to watch.

I felt like I wasn’t just getting what the fans wanted. I watched a real behind the scenes, with ups and downs, highs and lows, re telling the story of one of the biggest pop stars of our generation.

My favorite part of it all, was to see how inclusive of her family she was. Gaga’s said it herself multiple times. Nothing’s as important as family.

As this album explores her deepest self and is an hommage to her late aunt Joanne, opening up on multiple issues and facing her darkest sides, Gaga still maintains a high level of class when it comes to dealing with growing in the spotlight, having to go from girl to woman, having to grow continuously as an artist, trying to break away from the past and her former styles. Gaga faces all the struggles that any pop star her age has faced, but also shows how she’s not so different from the rest of us as she still faces heartbreak, disappointment and fear for her health and safety.

In the course of putting out this album, Gaga faced having it leaked online a few days before its official date. But you know what ? This didn’t change anything. The album still peaked everywhere in the world, and the hype around it was built, people knew what they were gonna get and bought it still.

Personally, after giving it a first go, I already had my favorite songs !

Nothing says « banger » like guitars, so you can guess that AYO, Perfect Illusion and John Wayne were predicted to be amongst them.
Then you’ve got a nice ballad in Million Reasons (which hit number one in the charts… UNSURPRISINGLY).
And finally, an amazing empowering anthem in Hey Girl featuring Florence Welch !
How do I put it…
This album is flawless from start to finish !

Now take it a few months later.

Getting to play the Super Bowl could be considered the highlight of her career.
In my opinion, that’s what it was. Why ?
She sang the national anthem the year before, and it got one of the most viewed of all times.
It’s a show that’s been going on for decades. It’s a tradition. It’s almost a national holiday !
And for people like me who aren’t a big fan of sports, it’s the one time of the year where I watch a game as if it was religious because it’s entertaining and because the Halftime Show is always one of the best of the year !
Plus, she’s now walked in the steps of the likes of Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers…
And know what it did to their careers (thought it’s not as if it was needed, but it was a milestone) ?
It skyrocketed them to stadiums tours !
Lady Gaga’s set to now step up to that too. I mean, she already is used to big venues, considering she’s playing the likes of the London O2 in the UK and Accord Arena Bercy, Paris in France. It’s like a rite of passage.

Watch the halftime show below and continue reading 😉

I didn’t know what to expect going into this documentary really. I surprised myself watching the whole thing straight and immediately going to listen the album, and most importantly feeling like I had another look on Gaga now. And I surprised myself liking it more than I thought I would !

I’m not saying I was going into it thinking «  oh I’m not gonna like it, or it’s just for the fans so it’s not partial »
But I was going in there not knowing. And now I do. Now I know.
It’s like all the reasons I had before to like Gaga were just strengthened.
She’s someone that stands for a lot of people and for a lot of things.
People look up to her for whatever reasons they want, we all have our own story and our own past and we all keep growing with what we love.
Gaga made it possible for someone like me to feel confident about who I was. And I’m glad I got to see how she stands so confident in spite of every situation she’s been in and how she deals with it herself.
This painted Gaga, not as an indestructible goddess, but as a human being who’s dealing with life as best as she could with the gift she’s been given.

Gaga has a voice.

Gaga IS a voice.

And I’m glad I got to see all of this about her.

Paws up little monsters !

If you haven’t, I suggest you go watch it ! Available on Netflix everywhere

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