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Yesterday was my birthday and having a preview listen to Seaway’s new album Vacation was a real gift so shout out to Pure Noise Records for the opportunity !

Anyway, today is Thursday and we’ve been blessed with 3 new songs out in 24hours, so let’s get into it, shall we ?

It took me a little while, but earlier last year I became a huge fan of Knuckle Puck after knowing they’d be touring the EU with another one of my favorite bands, and honestly, I’ve been blasting Copacetic, their previous record, ever since then. The album is pure perfection from beginning to end and there are days where it’s all I’ll be listening to.
Naturally when they’ve announced their new album and outed their first new single Gone, I was in heaven !  And then they put out this other banger which I absolutely CANNOT STOP listening and whose music video is everything you’d hope it to be !
I’m a sucker for a video where the band appears and play their instruments, so let’s just say that this new MV is really perfect in every way !
That and the fact that KP sings “when you’re stuck inside a memory another night, another wasted echo“, and then take it to have a good song to angrily scream and sing to and there you have it !

It had been WAYYYYY TOO LONG since we’d had any TSSF new music, and after such a fire record in the form of their self-titled, it was time for them to return to the stage and to the studios, where they recorded their highly anticipated fourth record.
Missing the old angry Parker and having major feels from their first record Under Soil And Dirt, fans were pleased to get this new tune, out on vinyl too and whose profits after being sold online and on their upcoming tour, will go to charity.
Well, if that ain’t nice !
Go check out the song below, no music video yet, but do listen to it and feel your youth come back to you !

I’ve featured both FOB songs out yet on previous posts, so I HAD to feature their new music video and song on that one too.
Much to my pleasure, even if it’s not the old TTTYG FOB, it still is FOB after all, and if not for Patrick’s voice, it’s always for the lyrics that I find myself liking them, even in spite of their change of sound.
I wasn’t a big fan of APAB (even if I bought it and I still like to listen to it), but here, 3 songs in and I’m already conquered !
The song starts with a piano riff that could remind you of a dance-club anthem, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was remixed to be cause it’s really that good, but after 10 seconds, you find good ol’ SRAR FOB, guitars, and chorus like no one else but Pete can write.
So far, I feel like saying this every time, but this song is beating the previous ones in being my favorite one yet !
Plus, I’m a sucker for the bridge’s lyrics going “I’m here at the beginning of the end, The end of infinity with you, I’m done with having dreams, The thing that I believe, You drain all the fear from me“. Major love declaration here and guess what, I LOVE IT.
Check it out below !


Which one is YOUR favorite guys ?

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  1. Happy belated birthday, love finding new music, so looking forward to listening to these! Great post X

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