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Down on the SEAWAY and taking a little VACATION

At the beginning of the year, I was minding my own business, when Simple Plan announced a tour in the US and EU which OBVIOUSLY yet again I couldn’t attend *sigh* and because I wanted to hurt myself a little more, I thought “it’d be fun to check out those bands that are playing before them”.
SPOILER: if you didn’t get it from there, that’s how I discovered Seaway.
And if I was internally crying because I couldn’t attend the damn shows, I was even more gutted when I first started listening to Seaway. Why ?
It’s hard when you see that bands come up to form such a perfect line-up. But the topic isn’t the tour in itself.

I immediately caught up on their discography by first listening to it on Spotify and then buying it all on iTunes, cause I HAD to have it. I had to listen to it on repeat.
I go through phases with albums or artists where I’m completely obsessed, and then I can move on and add my faves to my playlist.
But how to choose when the whole album is your fave ?
I didn’t think it’d be possible to make a more perfect record, but as always, I WAS WRONG.

If you think that Colour Blind was good, you clearly are in for a surprise on VACATION.


First of all, let me please allow you to note how far the band’s come, how hard they’ve worked and most importantly, how they’ve evolved over time. And all for the better.
If anything, it’s like good wine, the older the band gets and the better they are !

First listen into the album, and though summer’s over, I can still taste a bit of sunshine listening to it, cause that’s how good it is !

If you’re into a good pop-punk band that helps you have a summer soundtrack, then you’re in for a treat with Seaway !

Without having to talk through the whole album (cause I’m leaving you the pleasure of actually giving it a listen yourself), I’m gonna give you 5 songs which are a MUST-LISTEN into the band’s new album. And then you can let me know if that was enough to get you conquered too !

First track I’ll present is also the first track on the record.

To start off a great album, you always need a great song. And what’s better than one that’ll stick to your mind for days. You’ll be humming this song I swear !
Telling us what it’s like to miss home but also miss doing what you love, with lyrics catchy as hell going “All I wanna do, is nothing with you, in your apartment on vacation forever“, you’ll find yourself texting the lyrics to someone you miss.

My second favorite song on the record is definitely Neurotic for various reasons.
1) It has a great theme , 2) It’s pop punk as f**k, 3) It has hints of all school bands like Barenaked Ladies, Third Eye Blind and all those bands that we listened to in the early 2000’s and gave a soundtrack to movies like American Pie. Quite frankly, it’s a shame they’re not putting them out anymore, cause it would’ve fitted so well in it !
This song is both nostalgic and new. LISTEN TO IT !

Call me a hopeless romantic, but any song that has a reference to FRIENDS, or SAVED BY THE BELL, or even better, to Jimmy Eat World, automatically has my heart. Add that to the fact that the song has a banger music and will make you want to take your date stargazing after having offered your s/o a bouquet of sunflowers and that’ll be perfect !

What I love the most about this song is how it’s not your typical “verse/chorus/verse/chorus/mid8/chorus” song, Seaway are unique in that in most songs they also tell stories. And here, they tell the story of the day they went to the beach with Lula. Perfect beach anthem, give it a listen and tell me you’re not feeling Hawaii vibes and cocktails on the beach.

Any band featuring another singer from another killer band, with a song relating how hard a person’s world can be sometimes and how you don’t want to give a damn about anyone else, and are focusing on changing your own world and mess, and you got yourself a banger.
Personal input: it’s hard enough when a band has 2 singers, cause the voices have to be in perfect harmony and get along with each others, but if you add a third one, it becomes a challenge. And here the challenge was not only accepted, but also won ! This song is my MUST-LISTEN on the album ! In fact you should start with it !
And the lyrics ? “My world is anything but sane, just me and all my problems, wish everything would change, I have no wishes left in my head or heart, I’ll meet you in hell
If that doesn’t trigger you into listening to the song to find out what tune goes with it, then I don’t know what will !


This album was one of my most anticipated of 2017 when they announced it and is definitely running for best album of 2017.

The band quickly escalated to being successors of the new pop-punk wave and they truly deserve the recognition they’re getting. If you’re not a fan yet, you’re soon gonna be. The album comes out on September 15th via Pure Noise Records ! Go pick it up !

It doesn’t take long, it only takes a song 😉

In fact, go check out some songs below !

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