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Hey guys !

Today’s post is gonna be about a band which I’ve been late to the party to get acquainted with, but you know what they say right, better late than never !


A while back, I saw a song pass by on youtube, and I was delighted to see that one of my favorite pop-punk band had finally caved in to the acoustic album !
Take me back to 2012, when I met my best friend and when we first started talking and being besties and blabla, you know how these things happen. Anyway, we exchanged music tastes and she started going on and on about this band that she loved and was seeing soon in concert, and how they were amazing and how they were basically HUGES BEARDED DUDES that rocked her socks off with their energy on stage.
Naturally, I HAD to check them out, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Soon, their album In Some Way, Shape Or Form quickly became one of my most played that year.

Take it a few years later, and still a strong lover of their music, and having grown a bit, I’m glad to have diverse tastes in music. There’s one genre though, that I’m such a sucker for. And if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know it’s acoustic.

Imagine my excitement when Four Year Strong then decided to descend from the heavens of pop-punk and give me the perfect “chill-out yet you can be angry if you’d like” album in the form of their newly out acoustic album called Some Of You Will Like This, Some Of You Won’t via PureNoise Records.

This album could not be more perfect for someone like me who loves acoustic so much and also pop-punk and especially GOOD pop-punk !
If only you knew how many times when I needed to just lose my shit I instantly put FYS and went running or better yet, screaming out the lyrics in a pillow in my room, they’ve always been good at that !
Now, they fulfill my chill-out fantasy to be perfectly calm yet a bit angry too.

I’m especially glad cause 3 of my favorite tracks ever are part of those acoustic/new renditions.

What’s not to like when four strong (pun intended) lads like them use their guitar skills and suave voices to lure you into the realms of sweet acoustic yet powerful ballads.

But I won’t say more !

If you didn’t know Four Year Strong, now’s the time to correct that ! And if you did know them, please let me know which are your favorite tracks and if the track you wanted to hear acoustically made the cut 😉

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