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MUSIC OF THE WEEK #3 Pop’n’hard

Hey guys !

Here’s music of the week number 3 ! What’d you think of the previous playlists ? Did you find anything you liked ?

Anyway, let’s go for this week’s, which is gonna be in 2 parts, one being pop music and the second being more heavy (meaning more guitars and screams but that’ll make you dance nonetheless). Hope you’ll like it !

POP-art (pun intended)

Alright, at first I wanted to add the Look What You Made Me Do video because obviously since it came out I’ve been listening to it on repeat and I did an article about the song but not the video. No need for that now. Cause Taylor Swift’s blessed us with yet another song off her new album Reputation due November 10th.
… Ready For It is yet another song that’s gonna make you dance and sing out loud anything Taylor says.
When 1989 came out, it was pretty obvious that the album was gonna be a turn in the pop-star’s career, but never in the world I would’ve thought that by sticking to it, she’d totally redefine her music, her artistry and her lyrics.
I’m not gonna complain, I love new fierce Taylor who’s not afraid to go raw and say what she has to. She’s clearly had enough of always having to justify herself and now she’s doing what she wants. And you know what ? SHE’S RIGHT !
With lyrics like ” Every lover known in comparison is a failure, I forget their names now, I’m so very tame now, Never be the same now” and the chorus going “Let the games begin now“, if we had a doubt about her intentions with LWYMMD, we can AFFIRM now that Taytay is coming for blood in the form of spilling the T and god knows some people needed a reality check.
Keep on amazing me Taytay ! Here’s the audio for the song below


Well, no need for long introduction here. Maroon 5 has been proved to be one of the most perfect pop bands in the world, especially setting a record by having one of their videos (Sugar) be one of the most viewed ever on youtube, and though they’ve been silent for a little bit now, with singles coming out like raindrops (Cold and Earth To Move), we’re now facing their newest one featuring singer SZA and let me tell you something: I just wish they’d outed it earlier this summer so I could’ve enjoyed listening to it by the beach with a cocktail like most Maroon 5 singles lately !


I heard of Dua Lipa only mid-july when I was in the UK and listening to the radio there in the car, her song came up. I looked her up, saw she had just outed an album AND that she had done a featuring with Martin Garrix (which for some unknown weird reason I had no idea about *shrugs*). Mind me, I IMMEDIATELY went on spotify and binged listening to her whole album in the hour that followed. I wasn’t disappointed !
It’s exactly the kind of pop that we love, that’s fresh, from a good singer, and that speaks her mind !
In the song featured here, Dua Lipa gives us rules to follow as not to fall back in the arms of a previous love turned toxic.
One thing on my mind is: WHERE WERE YOU 5 YEARS AGO WHEN I NEEDED THAT ?


I started getting into this band when their album Fragile Figures came out. I had discovered them through the Rise Records Youtube channel, and quickly got into their sound. I blasted their album, flawless record btw, on repeat for MONTHS. Since then, I’ve been a fan !
And since then, they put out a new album called Everything That Got Us Here and an acoustic EP called Renditions. Still and forever in love with them.
Anyhow, in the last few months, it was announced that they’d been dropped by Rise Records (BIG MISTAKE), but they didn’t stand-by doing nothing ! They put out a cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You (which you all know is my jam) and they also surprised us by putting out a new single and a music video called Incredible.
A shout out to love is what this song is, and it’s also a total headbanger, so if you’re into love-songs with a harder sound, this one’s for you !


I knew this band was signed to Hopeless Records for a while, but never got a chance to really listen to them, always forgot, always had something else to listen. But finally, this week, after a little afternoon of lazying around, I was listening to my Spotify playlist Discover Weekly and there they were ! I absolutely fell in love with this song. Now, I don’t know much about the band, but you can be sure that I’m already looking into it and listening to their whole discography to catch up, and so should you !


Came out this week, a new I The Mighty song.
Been listening to these guys since the Karma Never Sleeps album, and never been disappointed so far ! So why should it begin now ?
Another freaking good song about being an adult and constantly growing up, featuring one of my favorite scene vocalist Tilian from Dance Gavin Dance and you got yourself your next big hit !
If you didn’t know them, I suggest you check them out and look out for their upcoming record, already sounding promising !


I really hope you’ll find your next pleasure in there, I know that I’ll be rocking out to these songs all week  long !

If you’ve got a band you’d like me to check out, please send links or get in touch with me on social medias, I’m always looking for my next new obsession 😉

Have a good day !

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