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Wake Me Up When September Ends…

If you’re into pop-punk or punk-rock and you haven’t seen one of those statuses yet, then are you really into it ?

September is coming to an end, and somehow, every year since it came out, at least at some point, you HAVE to have the “Wake me up when September ends” status somewhere. But tell me, do you have interesting stories about it ?

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LADY GAGA, a FIVE FOOT TWO pop giant mother monster

I’ve been meaning to write about Gaga for quite a bit now, wanting to review her album and all, but never got quite around to it. Finally, I’ve sat myself up with a cup of coffee this morning, got on Netflix, and noticed that Gaga’s new documentary was up.

It came out September 22nd and I had planned to watch it at some point, so it was all for the best ! I could watch it, and write about it, also talking about Joanne at the same time, as we come closer to the 1 year anniversary of the album.

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Down on the SEAWAY and taking a little VACATION

At the beginning of the year, I was minding my own business, when Simple Plan announced a tour in the US and EU which OBVIOUSLY yet again I couldn’t attend *sigh* and because I wanted to hurt myself a little more, I thought “it’d be fun to check out those bands that are playing before them”.
SPOILER: if you didn’t get it from there, that’s how I discovered Seaway.
And if I was internally crying because I couldn’t attend the damn shows, I was even more gutted when I first started listening to Seaway. Why ?
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And because I couldn’t stay away from you for long and decided to be productive today, here are 5 songs that I’ve had on repeat all week end long and hoping you’ll have them stuck in your head too.

When 1D were still a thing, I was at first a bit ashamed to be liking a boyband considering I’d always consider myself too tough for their music. Then, I caved in. And I shipped them. And I loved them. And I even took my little cousin see the concert movies in the theatre just so I wouldn’t go alone and I’d have an excuse to be there haha.
Anyway, that’s a whole other subject.
Everybody was SHOOK when he up and left 1D, but honestly, I’m one of those that think that maybe it was for the best.
Topic isn’t to discuss the why and how and when here, but to talk about his artistry.
With his first album, Zayn asserted himself into rbn royalty and was successful in doing so.
Later on, let him be on two soundtracks of major blockbusters (wHo on the Ghostbusters soundtrack and a majestic duo on I Don’t Wanna Live Forever featuring none other than Taylor Swift for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack), add another little featuring, and you’ve got yourself Zayn’s next banger.
With lyric such as “You’ll never be alone, I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn” and a music video to make Hollywood blush, Zayn is coming with the next era of his career and I’m excited to look forward to it.
Here’s the video below !


It had been too long since we’d had any Sam Smith news, and I can shamelessly say that I had to hold back the tears when I was listening to the BBC Radio show the other morning and not only did Sam Smith appear there but also announced the single and released it the next day. And then I cried listening to it.
When his first album came out, I blasted it on repeat for MONTHS anytime I’d have a down time or I’d need to feel like someone was giving me a hug. And it worked !
Now he’s back, with a theme that only too much of us know, love, loss, and the combination of both.Especially with lyrics such as “I’m way too good at goodbyes” and “I’m never going to let you close to me, Even though you mean the most to me”, talking about being in a relationship that you know is doomed.
I’m really glad to have one more song in addition to his album and I can’t stress out enough how I’m expecting his album almost as much as the new Taytay one (so that’s to say a lot) !

So, another come back this week, is pop-soul goddess Kelly Clarkson.
I won’t say I’ve known her since her beginnings but I’ve been following her since the MTV days of Since U’ve Been Gone and ever since then, I was conquered.
Little did I know, when I was 13 that she had just written one of the biggest F**K YOU break-up song, and that it’d be so relevant to actually so many of my break-ups in the following years.
It’s scary how sometimes when you listen to a song when you’re young, you don’t really pay attention to everything or the lyrics or even the artistry behind everything, and then when you listen to it back when you’re older, it all makes sense somehow.
This is exactly how I felt the first time a jackass broke my heart and I had to get over it.
ANYWAY. After numerous albums, major hits that have since become anthems for the underdogs of this world and the broken-hearted, Kelly Clarkson is back with another album announcement but first and foremost, a new single, ode to love, called Love So Soft.
With a chorus sticking to you, going ” You gon’ love it if you try it, Got you hooked, now you’re caught up, Love so soft, so soft”, you won’t be able to resist following (and probably failing but who cares) into harmonizing with pop-soul goddess !

A year ago, I came across a tumblr post with lyrics to Ghost. Checked them out. Then checked the artist. Then checked her discography. Got conquered. And now I’m just mesmerized by her.
So it’s without a surprise that when her album came out this year, I bought it without even listening to it cause I knew I’d love it anyway. And I wasn’t disappointed.
Halsey here sings about the struggles of being yourself and even so far as sing about a relationship between two persons of the same sex in the form of Strangers featuring Fifth Harmony own Lauren Jauregui.
Summer’s passed, it’s still a banger, and I’m still rocking out to this album cause it’s a true masterpiece of pop ! And my song for the week by Halsey is Bad At Love. First because the music video came out a couple weeks ago and I love it, and second of all because it’s such a good song ! She basically sings about how I felt up until a few months ago !
There’s that thing where artists manage to sing exactly about how you feel… It touches you to your core. And Halsey is one of those rare singer that does.
If you haven’t yet, you should check out Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Not only because I love it, but also because I’m pretty positive you’ll love it too !
Bonus: Halsey is also a fan of pop-punk, and has been seen fangirling about The Story So Far, so if that’s not a bonus point to like her for her music taste, you’re hopeless ! (jk, maybe, maybe not).

Last but not least, my ultimate favorite song for the week, Doomsday by Architects.
After last year’s tragic event of losing a member to cancer (RIP Tom), Architects pulled through and managed to still play the shows they were meant to. And this year, they’ve decided to bless us with the outing of a new song.
I was a bit scared at first, knowing Tom was the songwriter of the band. But why was I scared ?
You tend to forget that a band works as a whole, so, even if a link person is missing, the others come together to replace the missing one. And god knows Tom’s missed. But Architects HAS to go on, for the sake of the fans. And so, after multiple festivals and concerts (and an appearance on Neck Deep’s new album for Sam), they finally broke out of their silence and gave the people what they wanted.
This song’s got me feeling so many things that I don’t even know how to process it, and I’m honestly thrilling with every second of this song and what it does to me.
” What if I completely forget? What if I never accept? ‘Cos when you fade away Its like a brand new doomsday”
We haven’t accepted it yet, and we’ll never forget guys. But in the meantime, you’re doing a good job at remembering and touching us right in the feels !


Alright, Music Of The Week is done for now you guys !

Let me know what you liked, what you didn’t, or if you’ve got stuff for me to review, feature or just if you’ve got bands for me to discover !

Let me know !

Have a fun day filled with music !

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Hey guys !

Today’s post is gonna be about a band which I’ve been late to the party to get acquainted with, but you know what they say right, better late than never !



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MUSIC OF THE WEEK #3 Pop’n’hard

Hey guys !

Here’s music of the week number 3 ! What’d you think of the previous playlists ? Did you find anything you liked ?

Anyway, let’s go for this week’s, which is gonna be in 2 parts, one being pop music and the second being more heavy (meaning more guitars and screams but that’ll make you dance nonetheless). Hope you’ll like it !

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