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It’s all a game of chance they say in Wonderland… 12th Anniversary

Hi guys !

Today’s post, is gonna be about an album that holds a special place in my heart.


Indeed, today celebrates the 12th year anniversary of the album and I couldn’t be prouder and happier than to call it my favorite album of all time !

I won’t say it’s a right choice or a bad choice or anything, everyone’s entitled to have their own favorite album, one that describes exactly how they feel or how they felt at a certain time in their lives. Who knows, right ?
I was lucky enough to be a McFly fan since day one and their Room On The Third Floor (ROTTF) album, and when they outed Wonderland, I was pleased to have more to look forward to !
I’ve always loved the album, but it wasn’t until a couple years after it came out, when I was in high school and kinda having a down-period of time in my life, that I turned to this album, and replayed it until my fingers were bloody by all the times I pressed replay on a specific song or the whole album.
I hope people are lucky enough to have, like me, an album that means so much to them, and that’s there for the good times, the bad times and all the in-between. I’m grateful for this album and McFly will probably never know how much it means to me, but I still needed to write about it.

WONDERLAND as described and perceived by me

Now, keep in mind that all of what I say is purely from my point of view. So when I say that I think this album is a masterpiece, it’s purely out of my perspective and not from a professional’s.

Wonderland is the follow up album by British pop-rock band McFly, and I won’t say it enough but they’re my personal favorite heroes.
With ROTTF, they achieved popularity and getting their names out there.
With Wonderland however, they achieved a level of musicianship which, to me, was revolutionary at the time, especially for a pop-rock band, having the whole album recorded and then played live with a full orchestra.

Music’s power is such as sometimes, when listening to a specific song, it takes you back to the first time you heard said-song. And whenever I listen to this album, I can relive and see myself, as I was in ’05, hearing the first single, All About You for the first time on MTV when I was living abroad in Malaysia.
Then came single I’ll Be Ok, right before the album came out, and THAT was the element that made me know that the album was gonna be huge and would play a huge part in my life.
When All About You is a love song, I’ll Be Ok is a song that talks about every day struggles and how you should always look for the best and think to yourself that you’ll be okay.
It’s simply put and might sound a little goofy to you guys, but honestly, this helped me a lot growing up.
When the full album came out, I remember I felt it was going to save my life. Literally. And it did.

Whenever I was feeling down, I was playing the album. Whenever I was feeling hopeful too. Whenever I was feeling emotions that submerging me, I was playing it. To this day, I still do.

My musical knowledge growing up, has been built on watching Disney movies, so get that to me, if a music has some theatricality or some big orchestras in it, it’s most likely to please me !

There isn’t a full concept behind the record. But, music’s magic, is to have a full interpretation of your own for whatever song you like. To me, every song has a story and can be acted as a single movie. But the magic of this album, is that you can also act it out as a movie in its whole.

Also to be acknowledged, McFly’s career in the US rocketed when the movie Just My Luck came out, starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine, as they outed a special song for the movie, had a mash up of their first two albums thrown into one to comply to Hollywood and be used as soundtrack for the movie, so if you’ve got a chance, go check it out !

Wonderland as a movie. Track by track.

I’ll Be Ok is the scene that starts the movie, with someone who’s had a couple kicks in life and who’s in desperate need to have a helping hand lended to him (let’s call him MC). One of his “friends” reach out and helps him.
I’ve Got You this is the part where the main character shows his friend his appreciation for what he did and sings about how he’s glad to have someone in his life to make it seem less dull.
Ultraviolet Here, the main character goes off rail seeing that maybe his friend’s feeling might not be reciprocated and starts seeing things and being delusional. It’s like he’s on some sort of medication and at the same time, he’s happy and sad.
The Ballad Of Paul K The character now faces an older version of himself and doesn’t like it. He realizes that unless he takes back his life, he won’t make it because time is running out and he’s coming short of it.
I Wanna Hold You Still high on whatever he took, the protagonist is going a little cuckoo and he wants to show his love what he feels. But since he’s high, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Could he possibly have put everyone’s lives at risk by extensive measures such as setting the ice caps on fire to melt it ?
Too Close For Comfort There, MC is being aware of how much he hurt his love interest. He’s writing a song from the other person’s perspective, and at the same time, tries to apologize, but he knows that he’s gonna have to work for it. It’s hard, but it’s life. Sometimes things end and you’re the only one to blame.
All About You in desperate need to reconquer the other person, MC writes the ultimate love song. One that will go down in history, because it’s a love song accompanied by all those he knows to desperately try to get the other’s attention back.
She Falls Asleep (Part 1 and 2) MC can’t get an answer from the other person, so he tries his best, and when he finally gets an answer, he hears that the other person’s considering to take his life away because there’s no much more to live for. MC is trying to reach through, but he’s aware that before saving anyone else, he has to save himself. But he still wants to try by asking the other person to save him too.
Don’t Know Why
MC is writing to his own self, realizing that he’s done some awful shit and now he needs to make amends. It’s hard, he’s trying, but he sees that there’s nothing he can do.
Nothing There, MC has a conversation with himself and is saying everything he’s ever wanted to say to his other self.
Memory Lane After taking it upon himself to put some distance between them, and going away, MC comes back to reconquer his love, but finds that the other person has no idea who he is anymore. Instead of being sad, he wants to find her, but the other’s moved away. He finishes by staring into a sunset and sings “so much has changed, so much has changed, down memory lane”.

Alright so maybe I took it a bit far haha. But this is how a movie would be played out !

If you take every song singularly, you’ll always find something to relate to or a situation to have it to.

Even if the record is perfect in my eyes and I wouldn’t change a thing, I still have my preferences as to what songs are the most important to me.

Simple and easy, that song is basically a ‘pick-me-up’ song, and I have to say, that as much as I love the song in its original form, back in 2012, I saw Mcfly front row at Wembley Arena, and they were playing a medley of I’ll Be Ok and Bubblewrap (from follow up album Motion In The Ocean) and I have to say, that I was lost in my life, I was very lost, and I didn’t know what to do, I was having anxiety and panic attacks, and in that moment, when they played this song, they played it on the piano. And having a song like that, sung on the piano, it gave it so much more depth than I could ever hope for. I felt as if indeed, I’d be okay whatever happened to me, that I could make my own decisions and needn’t be afraid to talk about it to other persons as long as I know how to get back on my feet. Little sob story, I know, but it shows how much music can influence someone.

So, this song is particular, because I remember listening to it to drench my pain when my first high school crush didn’t reciprocate my feelings and was still oblivious to what I’d told him. I needed him then. And I needed to have an outlet to my pain, cause he knew how much I cared but chose to still act the way he did before. And this song helped me, by shouting it very loudly from the top of my lungs in a pillow, and to this day, it still helps when things aren’t going the way you’d expect them to. It’s obviously a break-up song, and even when you’re with someone, it just helps to think “Wow, I just hope I don’t come to the point where this song is actually meaningful to me nowadays too”. It’s kinda like having a love-hate relationship. You hate that you love it, but you love hating it cause it’s a sad song that you never want to sing in-between sobs again.

finally but not the least. My ultimate most favorite song (besides Bubblewrap)

This song is my ultimate love declaration and I really hope someone has enough feelings one day for me to propose to me on this song (or an Ed Sheeran one, wink wink). It’s a perfect playful song describing the perfect complicity between two persons who love each other, it can be used as a wedding slow first song type-o-thing, it can be used as a Valentine’s Day present as shoutout on social medias, it really is to me, the most perfect love song to ever exist in the universe.

So there !  You have it. A look on my favorite album of all times.

Hope you’ll check the album out if you haven’t. If you already do know it, then please let me know what are your favorite songs, and just for the pleasure of it. Go listen to my most favorite tracks below 😉


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