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All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell… is PVRIS

I remember the first time I went online and found through youtube and the Rise Records channel a new band then, who had just been signed.


Curious of a band whose name is the capital of my birth country, I decided to check it, and on the first notes of the song ( St Patrick I remember it is), I immediately fell in love with them.
What attracted me was not only their sound, their lyrics, but also their aesthetic which weirdly makes me see life in black and white (both their albums have black and white covers) and a world of their own, mixed between Tim Burton movies, Edgar Allen Poe poetry and nowadays music.

And to top it all, PVRIS is the first band FEMALE lead and vocals that was signed to Rise Records. And knowing the label, they knew what they were doing and what the future held for them.

After a very successful first album and a deluxe edition with added songs and acoustics, the band then entered the studios to work on their second record. Which I’m about to introduce.


First little anecdote which I thought was very funny (creepy too but good creepy), was that, according to the interview given to Alternative Press, the album would be recorded in a haunted church renovated into a studio and would be sleeping in a haunted house as well.
PVRIS was already known to be one of those bands hypnotizing you from the very first chords by setting the ambiance to a heavily charged in emotion sound.
Music is sung poetry, and the band proves that it doesn’t always have to be a defined type but that you can vary and be diverse.

When a band puts out an album, you should never compare the work done to the previous one, mainly cause we all evolve as persons, sound evolves too, and therefore, so do bands.

Setting a darker, more haunting sound, PVRIS takes us through the highs and lows of a relationship and discovering, losing, then finding yourself back again all while changing at the same time.

When the first single came out, HAUNTED, I was thrilled to hear Lynn (singer/lead guitar) push her voice a bit more. Don’t get me wrong, GIRL KNOWS HOW TO SING. But while White Noise had a set of songs which were all very good, I always felt like she could push her voice a bit more, and in that, AWKOHAWNOH completely fulfilled my need.

Lynn has the voice, the lyrics, and the music. WHY NOT MAKE THE MOST OF IT !

In this endeavor of having to create such a whole atmosphere to the album come her bandmates Brian and Alex.

This trio is sure as hell working (pun intended on hell considering it’s in the album title).

Whether it’s by their energy on stage, the new world they open our eyes and ears to and their aesthetic, all looking like top models from the gothic era.

I’m a sucker for a good song which describes exactly the kind of feeling that shows both love and pain, the pain in loving, loving the pain and also how you can never have one without the other a little bit. Tortured, broken hearted, loving thyself, hopeful, this album describes it all.
Now that I’m somewhat happy, listening to this album brings me back to a dark place, which unfortunately isn’t too far behind, but at the same time, it gives me the closure I needed and it helps to know that someone’s been through hell as well.
On another hand, I also love this band cause when I listen to their songs, I can picture the whole damn movie as a music video and I see myself in a small town, by Fall, leaves falling from trees, black and white pictures, scarf in the wind, and singing the songs walking in slow motion and joining a band playing these guys by a haunted house and haunted by memories of the past.


This song hit me hard, cause it exactly describes what it feels like to see and know your relationship is a sinking ship yet you keep on going cause you think it’s gonna pull through, but it doesn’t.
The upbeat tempo also plays and kinda makes me half want to cry and half want to shout the lyrics from the top of my lungs (all of them do, but this one particular).
What hits me most, is the lyric saying “I can’t process what I’m feeling now, this skin I can do without“, as if you’re watching yourself falling apart and you’d rather get out of your own skin and not feel a thing anymore rather than just have to process everything.

Lynn talked about this song and what motivated the lyrics, and there again, it’s all in the lyrics baby.
She said that the lyrics were at the start directed toward someone, saying that she didn’t belong to anyone else but that person, and when it all went south, it became much more of a song to herself, to remind her own self that she doesn’t belong to anyone else but her.
We think too often that we need to belong to someone when the only person you should really belong to is yourself, and the rest is just bonuses. This song is empowering as it goes, and just remember that you only need you sometimes.
Favorite lyrics: “Cause I could touch a hundred thousand souls, But none of them would ever feel like home, And no matter how far and wide I roam, I’m the only one I’ll ever know

To me this song is about being with someone who didn’t really want to be with you and knowing that you were just another ghost in their bed and warmth on a cold winter night (hence the title).
And I love how Lynn calls out the bullshit from the other person and put the spots on so you can know that you should never inflict that to anyone.
Favorite lyrics: “That shit was pathetic, I need love. I’m warm flesh and blood. Call me spineless but at least I’ve got a heart between my lungs, You feel too little and I feel too much

This song is a follow-up to Winter to me, it’s about facing the truth and knowing the relationship’s doomed and if you’re gonna be suffering, might at least give it your best and show no mercy to the person you’re gonna hurt so she knows pain instead of being too sweet and have a harder fall.
Favorite lyrics: “If you’re gonna make it hurt, show me no mercy

This slower song is, in my opinion, a love declaration, and there’s something beautiful to it. The beauty of asking someone to not let you go, and that you don’t want to be separated from each other cause you need each other. To love each other in spite of the fact that you’re a mess yourself. Here, the whole chorus is something that could (and is) make(ing) me cry.
Favorite lyrics: “Pull away the world from me, I don’t mind. As long as they don’t separate you from me, I’ll be fine.”


The whole concept of All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell to me, is having to deal with knowing heaven in someone’s arms, and being in hell when it doesn’t work out, just to be able to take the best of both worlds and move on and be happier in your next relationship but most importantly, being happy being yourself, being BY yourself and finding yourself in the process of hurting. You never know how much you can take until the moment you face the hurt headstrong, and if that’s the case for you, then I suggest you take a good listen to this album !
Me, I found closure in this album. The songs outed as singles allowed me to put a feet in front of the other in the process, and the whole album is like a giant hug singing ” I know what it’s like, what you felt was right, and you’re allowed to be happy now, don’t look back on the past, but learn from it and make the best of what you have now”.

Thank you guys for giving me that.

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