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And she’s coming for blood and ready to stop playing nice and actually own up to the reputation that people have built for her. Taylor will always be Taylor, but this time, she’s had enough of your bullshit and she’s ready to kick your ass if you don’t leave her alone (and I love dark Taylor ! *giggles like the first time I saw dark Willow in Buffy The Vampire Slayer*)


It had been way too long since we’d have some Taytay new music, and when she completely disappeared off the grid and left without saying goodbye, everybody knew she was up to something.

I almost wrote ‘if there’s one thing Taylor is good at’ (in the next few lines) but I couldn’t, because, I have to admit, I can’t be neutral about Taylor Swift, she’s one of my most favourite artist ever in the world and she’s been like that for quite a while and I grew up with her and I admire her so much. So I won’t write that.

Taylor being the talented musician and performer there is (in my opinion) had to go with a bang.
What a coincidence using a term that explains the explosion of a star considering there’s been an eclipse recently and considering she’s a star too.

Taylor exploded her old self and is now reborn.

She shed her skin and is fully emerging.

To explain all the metaphors and her new song, you have to know a bit about Taylor Swift and the past 3 years. As much as I hate speaking about all the Hollywood drama, there’s always drama. And unfortunately for her, Taylor is in the centre of it even if she never asked for it.
It’s easy to prey on a target that’s in the eye of the medias, especially when your whole life is shown to everyone.
Obviously, I stand by the artists I love, but at the same time, I won’t start hating on an other one just because they don’t get along. I believe in making your own opinion.
Taylor’s had to face critics regarding her relationships with guys, with other artists, with people around her, and with media persons (and lately she’s also been in a trial with a douche-bag who thought he was entitled to act as such just because of his status, and she won for $1 !)

In all these waves, Taylor stood head strong and always facing what was ahead and what was said. If that alone doesn’t earn your respect, then I don’t know what will.

As soon as I woke up this morning, first thing I did was to buy the song without even listening to it. I knew I’d love it anyway.
Being an artist is hard, what’s harder is to create your own sound and Taylor has had many styles (pun intended) but she always remained true to her self. She went from country to pop rock to pop and honestly, I LOVE IT.

What I continuously keep to love in her music, beside her obvious natural talent to turn everything she touches into gold, is her lyrics.
To me, lyrics are everything, and as soon as she started speaking and spewing out her shady lyrics (and I mean this in aiming in no way anyone), I had thrills and I felt a dark Taylor emerge out of the blackout she was in and she’s coming stronger than ever before.
This song is almost like a warning ! She’s warning us about what’s about to go down, and I can’t wait for the rest of the album. Whether it’ll be songs that make me dance, or songs I’ll cry to, or even just songs I’ll listen to when I’m angry, I know she’ll have words for it.
At the end of the song, she claims that the “old Taylor can’t answer the phone cause she’s dead” and that, to me, is between sad and good.
SAD because I got used to happy Taylor and I was happy to hear all the romantic and beautiful songs she had about love, though I’m sure there’ll be a couple on there as well.
But GOOD because she’s not gonna let anyone rule her world for her and mostly, she’s not gonna hide behind her smile anymore as she did before, she’s gonna come headfront and not let anybody step on her toes !

Over the past week, she teased us with videos on her social medias, of bits of a snake before giving us the full head and full details of her whereabouts.
People called her a snake, and she pretty much showed us all how she took over what started as an insult and turned it around to her advantage, and mostly, to show that you should always make the most of every situation.

Taytay, you’ve had me from day 1 and I’m proud to have stuck with your music cause you never disappoint. This new era is bound to be one of the best you’ve ever had. Let the darkness of your heart come out and don’t give a shit about other people !

To me, YOU’RE the winner of everything ! #TrueQueen

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