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Hey guys !

As I’m still working my way through cool stuff to put on the blog very soon, you also have to know that I’m quite enjoying being on holiday and spending my days catching up on missed tv shows (binge watched The Crown on Netflix in 3 days), listening to music (lots of albums came out recently) and reading religiously one of my favorite book: Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone.

But that’s beyond the point.

I’m here to give you… *drum-rolls*


Let’s start by one of the rocks in music (#punkintended #oopsididitagain) : FOB.
Been a fan since the days of Take This To Your Grave and they never disappoint ! They’re one of those bands that basically can almost do no wrong (*looking at you, 4 years hiatus*).
This music video came out last week and I’m in love with the song. As for any FOB mv, it’s pure art mixed with awesome soundtrack. Young And Menace was a good song, but in my opinion, this one is better ! More rock ! Much more of a powerful anthem ! And honestly, I hadn’t felt this empowered this Immortal from their previous LP.

Next up is…

Been following Bebe since she’s been in a reggae band with Pete Wentz and Louis since the days of 1D. Anyone ever doubting either of those talents when they were in other bands or doing other musical endeavors are basically proved wrong ! This killer summer anthem is to be played loud on speakers laying on a beach with sunglasses on and a cocktail in the other hand !

How to talk about music of the week without including the most summer-y song from my favorite singer ever and personal hero…

This song is actually a deluxe track from his latest album DIVIDE, but who cares, everybody’s always buying the deluxe version of his LPs cause everybody knows NOBODY says no to a couple extra track from stadium-filler lyricist and ketchup lover Ed Sheeran !
Filmed in Ghana, the caption on instagram emphasize on how much Ed loved his time there, the culture, the food, the music. And he had to film it as to show it to the world. So sure, it’s not your typical music video showing the artist, but it’s something that is important to the artist and it’s even more meaningful !
Hope you’ll enjoy the song as much as the video !

I’ve already talked about this band on the blog before, and I know they’re everybody’s favorite rnb-pop band, and the mixing of all the genres of music and the lyrics, and the voice… I swear, listening to them make me legit wanna take my clothes off and start having sex right now, the music is awesome to listen to and it’s so sensual. I never thought a single music could make me wanna tear my shirt off, but believe me when I say that these guys’ music do ! Even though the music video is shot surrounded by snow and a forest, it also appeals to anyone spending the night in a house rented by the beach in summer with a massaging shower and a crazy ass view. Hope you’ll like it as much as I do ! Defo a fave one !

But because summer isn’t all about sex and sensual music, up next are two songs that are back to being more punk/acoustic/rock

Been a fan since they’ve been signed to Hopeless Records, and loved the side band of Aaron (singer/leader) but this take on this beautiful song by TWY is chilling and you know it’s gonna worth it and you know it’s good when you get chills after the first 5 seconds of the song. Being a lover of acoustic renditions, this song HAD to be on the list even though the lyrics are quite sad.

Finally, lastly for this week, here’s one of my favorite tracks of the week too.

CROSSFAITH – FREEDOM (feat Rou Reynolds)
This band. Their aesthetic, their sound. Mixing electro, hard rock, dope vocals and last but not least AWESOME featuring. This song could basically be featured in a video game I wouldn’t be surprised cause it’s got what it takes to be featured EVERYWHERE. And coincidentally, Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari also has made an announcement this week with new music and new album ! Everybody’s a winner here !  In the meantime, if like me you’ve been raised on Sonic and Street Fighter and you love kick-ass songs that make you wanna be in the video game or just love rock mixed with bits of electro, you’ll love this song !


Hope you liked this week’s music selection ! Don’t hesitate to get in touch to get your band known or music known cause I love discovering new music !

Have a good week end and see you next week for the next MUSIC OF THE WEEK !

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