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In Memoriam of Chester Bennington

Dear Friends,

It is with heavy heart that last night, we all got the news that Chester Bennington, singer of Linkin Park, had passed away.

Sad day for music my friends.

I had worked on a couple articles, but didn’t feel right to put them out, considering I’m still in shock of this and instead, I wanted to honor Chester’s memory and talk quickly about a serious issue: mental health.

Chester was obviously going through some tough times and must’ve felt trapped and on an edge to go so far as taking his own life, and maybe if depression and hard times weren’t as stigmatized and looked down on as if being depressed was a choice or easy to come out from, then maybe he wouldn’t have felt that way.
This is the proof that you can be successful, rich, or famous, and still feel bad, cause all the negativity of the world just weigh down on you.
Being one of those people that once felt so useless and unloveable, going as far as trying to take my own life, just because I didn’t think I’d ever feel anything ever again, I can tell you. It’s hard. It’s hard enough facing this world alone.
So why be a dick to someone because they’ve changed or because they’ve grown ? Because he was in the public eye ?
Everyone is mourning Chester this morning, but these are the same people that I’ve seen on youtube posting hateful comments on their latest album just because they didn’t like the way Linkin Park sounded.
Not blaming anyone here. But just stating that it’s easy to mourn someone that’s dead, but it’s harder to love someone when they’re alive and they don’t fit those boxes that you tick to make something to your liking.
It was clear that the band would’ve never made an album like Hybrid Theory or Meteora ever again, cause they’ve grown over the years, as persons and as a band.

Last night was a wake-up call. I never had one of the people that basically sung songs that hit me personally pass away. And now I know. I’m sad I never got to see him live. Never got to tell him that I liked his songs and music no matter the changes or no matter what other people say.
I know I wouldn’t have made a difference. But what if I did. What if instead of being booed off-stage at Hellfest or criticized over their latest albums, someone had told him how much they appreciated him, with no back-thought to this. Nothing else than just pure admiration.

Sometimes, the smallest change, or the smallest act of kindness can change the world. And oh Chester, how I wish someone had you change your mind and made you see how beautiful the world can be.

I hope you feel better now and look down on the legacy you left behind, and maybe have a hint of remorse of having left us like that. Feeling powerless and empty, forever remembering when you sang that when your time come, you want us to forget the wrong you’ve done, your lyrics and music are the reason why you’ll be missed, we don’t resent you, but we’re feeling empty, we’ll keep you in our memory, and we’ll leave out all the rest…

IN MEMORIAM OF CHESTER BENNINGTON. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me as an artist and for everything you’ve done for the millions of people out there who were shaped and who cried and who’ll cry to your lyrics forevermore.

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