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Prayin’ & Sweatin’

Two artists that I love just outed some new music this week, and it honestly was 2010 all over again !

The All-American Rejects (feeling so much .  right now) and Kesha (YAS GURL).

First, I’m gonna talk about what I know, which is pop-punk and rock.


If like me, you were obsessed with TV shows in high school back from 2005 to 2010, you’ll probably have heard their songs in one of them, or just on any teen movie, cause they went THAT viral and THAT huge over their second amazing album called Move Along (bet you even remember the title song being stared in One Tree Hill and song It Ends Tonight in OTH again and Smallville). I’ve been looking forward to their music ever since and I’ve been hooked on it ever since too.
But this isn’t an article going down memory lane, this is an article to talk about their newest double single called SWEAT.

After going AWOL for a while, and briefly doing a song for a movie, they FINALLY broke out of their silence and gave us a not one, but TWO songs !
What I love the most about these songs, is how they relate to each other, both talking about fame, and expectations people have for you and what they want but once they get it, they’re not really happy about it and then complain. It also shows how people might try to run your life, and give you these roles, and when you stand up for yourself, they’re acting like they don’t what’s coming for them. They also impersonate how one can be paid to care, and another paid for sex. But is there a difference between both of these things ?
Point is: STOP EXPECTING THINGS FROM PEOPLE AND LET THEM BE THEMSELVES. And just love them for who they are. Without paying them. (wink wink)
Music and free interpretations, right ? Whatever they do, I’ll always love that band for how they can stay true to themselves, pass on a message and I can’t wait to hear about a new full LP announcement !

Meanwhile, here’s the super clip for both songs all in one called SWEAT !


Now onto something else, another artist I’ve loved for her wild side and party music, but let’s just say, reading and learning all about her struggles and songs lately, I’ve grown to love the person and the artistry.


To anyone who’s been a fan of pop music, you’ve certainly heard Tik Tok at parties, or anthem We R Who We R, or even hits like Your Love Is My Drug. And we all liked the wild Kesha, partying, and made fun of for brushing her teeth with a  bottle of Jack, but who’d’ve thunk, that behind all of that, stood a person in distress who was being emotionally and physically blackmailed and abused. But let’s not get into the gory and horrible details of drama and let’s get talking about music.

One thing Kesha must’ve learnt, giving title to her new album, is that after the storm and rain, comes the RAINBOW.

While she couldn’t deliver us new music, Kesha did well in singing covers and built up her confidence again. When she FINALLY announced new music and a video AND an album, I think everybody kinda lost it. And I loved going on the iTunes store to buy her song, her first one released in over 5 years.

It’s never easy to come to term with something as traumatic as sex abuse or emotional abuse, but she did. And what’s more, is that her first single is not only a message of hope for her to show that she’s over all of it and ready to move forward, but also a “wishing you well” message to her abuser.
Personally, I’d be down to just key the car to whoever abused me, or even throw them under a bus. But she only wanted justice and in the end, her freedom.
Now that she’s got it, she’s stepping up her game and showing that she’s not just a washed-up party-girl who went to rehab and cleaned up her act, but a full on artist who was just suffering and is ready to be her true self and not something made up by a label or a producer.
Have you heard that Mariah-Carey whistle like note that she pulled us ?
I mean, seriously !
I was sold on the first chorus and first notes of this song, and I can only hope that her whole album will be on the same level !

In the meantime, please go check out the music video below !

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