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Couple news and coming up… (yes I’m late to the party, SORRY)


Been a while since I wrote anything, but guess what ? It’s the holidays for your favorite person now, so I’m gonna have a lot of free time to cover up everything new in music !

First things first: coming soon on the blog, is an interview by hardcore punk band TERROR as they came to Montpellier, France, for a show and nailed it ! I was happy to interview Jordan, guitarist and talk about their signing to Pure Noise Records, Warped Tour stories, and plans for the future !

Second: articles coming up feature Manolo Panic (that I’ve grown to love deeply and who have a new video out), the Marlin Brothers, a summer playlist/summer anthems and also presentation for Jay Z’s new album and LORDE’s new album !

Now, let’s get to it, and get on to the first article of the summer !

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