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Oh well, as if it surprises you to have a post about this album…


Honestly. And I’m trying to say this in the most neutral way possible.

After coming back from 2 years of touring with their major number one album Future Hearts, All Time Low decided to give us some hints, and made us work for it through hints and enigmatic lyrics from their songs.

Finally, Dirty Laundry and the album were announced.


I’m not gonna go back through a whole history-past thingy about the singles and the songs, cause it would only be me repeating myself, so instead, I’ll leave you with links to where you can read what I had to say about the previous singles.

This time, I’m gonna give you an insight about the whole album and hopefully you’ll like it as much as I already do (and it’s only been out since like, last night).

What amazes me most, is how All Time Low seems to be able to go from one genre to the other whilst keeping the same kind of touch regarding their songs. Even if some start a bit slow or a bit too pop (looking at you Dirty Laundry and Nightmares), the rest of the album catches not only the ears, but also the eyes, as every music video is a progression into the album.

My personal favorite… well, it’s kind of art to decide which to choose, not only cause I love all the songs, but also because aesthetically they’ve all got something I love: the band playing. To me, nothing says « great music video » like a video with the band playing in it (or at least stars in it).

All through the album, Alex delivers flawless vocals, perfect harmonies and most importantly, the whole band comes in as one and give us one of the best album of 2017. And that means a lot coming from me to say that !

You can listen to the whole thing as a story of the Last Young Renegade (to which we can all identify more or less, by being a Young Renegade ourselves) and honestly, I’m getting pretty caught up in the whole thing. You could basically write a movie out of all these bangers !

Of course, having heard songs like Dirty Laundry, Last Young Renegade and Nice2KnoU (of which you can read the reviews on clicking on the links wink wink*), I was surely awaiting for the rest like a thirsty camel in the desert.

But that wouldn’t be a review if I didn’t single out some of my favorite songs. So, exclusively for you, here are my favorite tracks on the Last Young Renegade album.


Drugs & Candy

Ok, so, kids, DON’T DO DRUGS. But also, this song isn’t really about drugs, it’s about being addicted to someone. That special someone. Whether it’s by the beat of the song, the lyrics or just the fact that you want to scream « You and me are like drugs and candy » from the top of your lungs, this song is AMAZING.


Next one on the list of favorite songs (and it’s been out as a single but didn’t post anything about it cause I knew I’d post about it on here), Life Of The Party.
Where do I even begin ?
I don’t know what surprised me most: the fact that it was straight pop with a hint of rock (which I ADORE and think is pretty amazing considering the lack of guitars these days on radio) or Alex’s voice which just hits you right in the feels. The music in itself is straight up pop with synths chords who just speak to your soul and resonates as your own unwell-being but also kind of a comforting sensation knowing someone else feels this way.
I know All Time Low has had to face criticism from some people considering they became too ‘pop’. Other new fans are glad to discover them with their brand new songs and radio airplays and tv appearances, it’s all the good we wish them ! I’ll admit, it’s the first time I’ve had to be like « what is this gonna sound like, what’s it gonna be ? will there be a guitar solo, will there be guitars at all ? ».
I know it’s hard to imagine artists you love suddenly or slowly changing, maybe because in some ways we’re afraid of change and just want a constant. But it’s definitely for the best !
Besides, who wouldn’t identify to lyrics such as « I’m just trying to fix myself » and «  In a  sea of strangers, I can’t find me anymore ».
I can’t wait to hear this song live and see how they play it !
I think I’ve honestly played this song a thousand times already cause it’s just THAT good and I hadn’t hypnotized or just playing a song that much in a long time ! (ok I’m over exaggerating things,the last time was actually with Slow Burn by State Champs but that’s another topic and article).
But really I swear ! This song is just too good not to be played on repeat, and the music video is awesome too !
(And if you can’t guess, it’s easily one of my favorite songs EVER now, especially considering I got my then-date when it came out to listen to it, and he basically associates me to this song lol)


Hmmmm… This song. Is simply one made for the arenas. I think the banging chorus going « With nights like these, who needs the days, I’ll shut my eyes and sleep them away; I’m on the dark side of your room with the notches on your bed post » is gonna be one to make every one roar !
And here’s to the good times (see what I did there #punintended) that this song will offer. I think both songs (Good Times and Dark Of Your Room) are complementary in that way, they both talk about moments and how to get them to last forever and be thankful for them.
Try not to headbang to this song, I dare you !


One of my favorite songs on the previous record was Tidal Waves, which also had a featuring, but mostly because of its ability to be another arena anthem.
So, naturally, I was hoping for another one of the same kind for this album.
And guys.
This song is so pure and kinda makes you want to get lost in space, and you feel like you could still be okay doing so.
Plus, Tegan And Sara’s vocals on this song is a great asset, giving more depth to it, as you may think angels are joining Alex to sing it.
I just listen to this song and feel completely at peace.
There’s something calming about someone you look up to, telling you everything will be fine, even if they don’t know you or your story. It’s one of those kind of songs. Feel down ? Listen to it and it’ll be alright ! (Or at least it will give you an escape outside of reality for a few minutes)

OVERALL, this album is pure GENIUS.

All Time Low has done it once again in making an album that’s an absolute banger from start to finish and I’ve been listening to it ALL.DAY.LONG.

I can’t wait to see these songs live !

LAST YOUNG RENEGADE, out June 2nd 2017 via Fueled By Ramen

Oh and if you have a couple of couple of minutes (yes I said couple twice, it’s to make the 4mn of the songs), then come check out two of my favorite songs underneath !


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