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Of Mice & Men, Unbreakable and back to us (pun intended)


These were my exact two words when I saw that OM&M had just put out a new single and a new video.


When I went online following Austin’s statement regarding his leaving the band, I mostly looked at the comments on every article, saying that the band wasn’t gonna last long. That they were over.
But I think there’s something that people underestimated and that is the love for the music and the talent of the band.

What people tend to forget the most, is that a band isn’t defined by a single member, but by the whole bunch of the band. As long as one member keeps the band alive and keeps the legacy living, then there will always be a future for the band. Look at how many band-members left their original formation and how many came back and how many kept going despite the loss of a member ?
If you think that that’s what’s going to keep the band from moving on, you’re wrong !

Cause everyone knows that when you’ve got the will, you’re UNBREAKABLE (see what I did there *wink wink*)

The band’s new single take us to the renewal of rock’n’roll screamo and gets us into a mood of just breaking walls. I mean it seriously. This song provides a feeling of empowerment that only a few songs can get you. Mostly cause of the lyrics explaining (long story short) how even if you fall down, you do not break, you just bend only to get back harder at what hit you.

Listen to the track below and tell me what you think of it ! The track is available on iTunes ! Go get it !


So basically almost after only a month, OMAM grants us with a new single.

And if you think I’ve been obsessed with Unbreakable (which I have), well it’s nothing compared to this new single.

Called BACK TO ME, I like to believe the interpretation for this single is free. As in, Aaron said in an interview that the song was partly for Austin, and I like to believe so (hoping that if Austin never returns to the band, at best he can be featured on some songs, and even make guest appearances on some shows). I also like to think of this song as a way for someone to claim being a lighthouse (or fire) and attract someone who’s lost their way, or simply help people.
Dumb right ? Well, that’s the good thing about music. FREE INTERPRETATION.

Also, this song is a major banger that makes me want to headbang (and I’m not saying I do, I’m saying that my neck hurts from moving my head back and forth too much to the sound of music).

Personally, I’ve always been paying attention to the lyrics of the songs I’ve been listening and not only are the lyrics telling a story here, but I think it’ll hit home for anyone who feels like they need to help someone else. Here’s a helping to you guys ! Hoping this song will help you find your way to what you were looking for ! (or help you figure out what you wanted to find your way to)

Last thing I wanted to say. Of Mice & Men have evolved so much going through their stages and years as a band and being in the scene for so long. But today, whenever I listen to the songs they’re outing, I’m not picturing them in just a small club or venue anymore. I see them as arenas headliners. And that, my friends, is the ultimate crowning in my opinion.

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