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ALL TIME LOW – Nice2KnoU single

So. Let’s talk about this new ATL song.

Cause in case you didn’t know, they’re one of my favorite band. And when I saw the typo of the song-title, I have to admit, I was a bit scared that it would be the poppiest song on the record.


Turn of event. *drumroll please*


I mean, All Time Low will never cease to amaze me.

It’s crazy how they can go from one song to the next and amaze me more and more every time. To say that I’m waiting for the album like the holy grail is an understatement. Honestly, if the whole record keeps going like this, it’ll be my favorite of 2017 !

In the meantime, the band gives us an anthem and ode to the past, the places they played and started at, and the people who was them along the way. If you know All Time Low a little, you’ll know that they grew up and are from Baltimore, Maryland , and so, seeing the video shot there kinda brings nostalgia (even if you’ve never been to Baltimore) and you can’t help but sing along and want to dance/jump around by doing so !

So go check this mofo out and be amazed by how 2007 this takes us back to and how we like it when even after all this time and how they’ve evolved (feels like talking about a pokemon) they still give us the best pop-punk song of the year !

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