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I previously did a post starting with the famous « THEY. ARE. PARAMOOOOOOOORE » that we all know has echoed through every show they’ve ever played. And guess what. Here it goes again !


Remember a month ago, when the whole internet freaked out at the sudden change in PP on social medias from Paramore ?

Remember when they also announced a new single AND a new album AND a new tour ? All of which would be out and happening within a month ?

Remember when they put out a video as well ?

Well, Paramore sure went away for a while (feels like 2017 is the year where everyone comes back and creates new music *wink wink MCR* ) but when they came back, they came back in style.

Hard Times introduced the new Paramore, as more pop-y, more dance-y and more sung than screamed.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved how Hayley screamed and roared how those lines of hers. But we’ve always known Hayley to be such a good singer, it’s a shame we didn’t hear more of her on some songs that could really show off all of her talent.

ANYWAY. After releasing second single Told You So, Paramore were formal in that these were the only two songs we’d have before the album was released a few weeks later. And I’m glad it was.
I think artists nowadays tend to release too many singles before the album is out and then, we basically know the whole album before it comes out. WHAT’S THE POINT ?

Paramore didn’t do that however. Paramore granted us only a couple songs out of the 12 on the album, and were like « now deal with it. you’ll have to wait for the album to be out ». FINE PARAMORE. FINE.

Back to our business.


What’s my opinion on the album ?

Well. Get that I’ve become VERY obsessed with pop music when TSwift outed 1989, and if After Laughter had come out around then, I’d have been MAD not to have a featuring on either albums (though Hayley appears in the Bad Blood MV).

After Laughter is an album that makes you wanna dance. It’s an album that’ll please just as much old fans as new fans. It’s very catchy, very retro, 80’s, bubblegum.

I feel like being in a Cindy Lauper music video when listening to it, and feel like being thrown back to the 80’s if the 80’s were happening nowadays. It’s very hard to determine how I feel about this album without being completely fanboying over that song, or over that song. It really is difficult for me to be objective when I feel this album is just SO GOOD.

What I can see myself doing while listening to that album, is going on a holiday or in a far away country and discover it, spend time lazying around, hand in hand with a loved one, and just either dance together in our craziness or simply explore the world. Or also just laying on the beach and listening to it with a fresh cocktail on the side.

If you were wondering if you should buy this album, let me answer this for you: YES.

Are you gonna like it straight away ? Maybe not. It’s pure pop, so unless you’re into pure pop, you won’t like it right away. But I promise, give it a few listens and you’ll like it VERY much. In fact, you’ll probably have a few songs in your playlist that you’ll play over and over again.

And if you like pure pop, but still, you used to like Paramore when they were more rock, you’ll find what you’re looking for in those songs.

Never growing tired of saying this: THIS ALBUM. IS. AMAZING.

Now on to the fun part.


Rose Colored Boy

Rose Colored Boy is actually the song that got me to think of Cindy Lauper upon hearing those first few chords and beat. Then I was like ‘I like Cindy Lauper’. And by then, I was already listening to the chorus and found myself humming with the song even though I had NO IDEA of what the lyrics were cause it was my first listen to it.

Boy, they never cease to amaze me. That song was a real musical crush right away !


Okay, there it’s not Cindy Lauper that I’m hearing, it’s a bit more of Tears For Fears, and guess what, I LOVED THAT BAND. Just like I love Paramore.

So naturally, having a song that has that hint of few pinched strings and that chorus that’ll make you move from side to side is just bonus really.

Hayley’s voice has never been fragile, but I love hearing those little vibratos.

Fake Happiness

On the previous record, (One Of Those) Crazy Girl got to me because of the slow start and then getting right in the middle of the subject.


Yes. Fake Happiness did that too. And I think it’s by far my favorite song on the album (and I’ve been playing it ALL. DAY. LONG).

I think it’s mostly because it’s one of those songs that has a hint of the new Paramore, but also a bit of Brand New Eyes and Self Titled. In short, that song is everything you’ll love about the band.

Oh and the lyrics ? OMG.

« OH PLEASE, don’t ask me how I’ve been, Don’t make me play pretend, OH NO, oh what’s the use, I bet everybody here is fake happy too ».

Hayley basically wrote how I felt a few months back when everybody was happy and I was just faking a smile to get on with my life, but I was like ‘how can any of them be so happy, what’s the secret ? why can’t i have that ?’

And that last chorus though ! Dayuuuuum !


Ok, I won’t have a big reason or big paragraph explaining why I like this song. It’s acoustic, it’s soft, it’s lyrics that speak to me (« Hold on to hope… they say that dreaming is free, I wouldn’t care what it cost me » no I’m not crying, YOU’RE CRYING. STOP WATCHING ME). I like it. And it’s top 5. Period.

Tell Me How

Such a perfect way to end the album. Describing how much it’s hard to let go in a relationship, whether it’s friends or love. Paramore’s lyrics always hit right where it’s supposed to. I’ve lost both a friend and someone I used to care for a long time ago. And this song got me thinking that maybe I’d have coped with it better if I had had this song to cry to or just shout to. But the past is the past. And this song is emotional and just what you need to calm down after an album spent dancing !

Here goes some lyrics that, I think, are one of their bests !

« You keep me up with your silence, Take me down with your quiet, Of all the weapons you fight with, Your silence is the most violent »

Hope you’ll like the album as much as I did ! And don’t hesitate to let me know what you like or don’t like or just how you feel about that album !

Peace out !

AFTER LAUGHTER out via Fueled By Ramen available in every store and platform (but I like iTunes so go buy it THERE )


Go check out the music videos down below 😉

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