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STATESIDE, Australia’s new voices and up-and-coming band that you need to look out for !

As per usual, I was browsing through youtube (as I often spend my free time doing), and I found myself crossing paths with STATESIDE.

I was surprised when I first heard them. Because I’d thought “why haven’t I heard of this band before ?!  They’re awesome !”

Many questions ran through my mind, I had no idea where I could get some infos on this great band that I had just discovered ! So naturally, I went on their Facebook page to get a bit more infos, and also, I thought they were so cool, I mailed them to ask for an interview (to which they were kind enough to answer).

The last time I discovered a band from Australia, that was fronted by a dynamic and amazing woman, it turned out to be Tonight Alive, and so far, I’ve not been disappointed ! So follow my advice, and not only check this interview out, but  also go give them  like on their Facebook page here and go check the music video at the end of the interview 😉
Hope you’ll like it ! (also if you want to hear their latest single called The Way We Were go check out the spotify playlist on your right, I’ve put it in there 😉 )


1) Could you introduce yourself to the readers ? 
Hello there! We are Stateside. Sounds cliche, but we’re 4 best friends – basically family – who like to write rock music! We consist of Erin Reus, Ethan Laenen, Brendan Heidke and Hamish Maguire.
2) Who writes the lyrics ? The music ? 
Majority of the lyrics are written by Erin, with some input from Ethan and Hamish to fill the gaps when it’s needed. The music is written by Ethan and Brendan, then Hamish brings in his own drumming style! We’ve all previously been individual song writers so we come together really nicely.
3) If you could be on a tour and decide the line-up, who would you take with you on tour ? 
If we were to add all of our favourite bands on a line-up, it’d be Blink 182, Paramore, Green Day, Sum 41 and Bring Me The Horizon. 
4) Which bands do you look up to ? (whether it’s for their music, their career, or simply their way of life)
The first would be Paramore/Hayley Williams, for their ability to command a crowd and write absolute bangers while still staying down to earth and humble. All Time Low for their perseverance and sense of friendship among themselves and also Green Day for their ability to wow a crowd no matter where in the world they go.
5) What do you have in mind for the future ? 
We’d love to continue writing & recording songs, and hopefully get a chance to tour outside of Australia!
6) Erin, being surrounded by guys 24/7 especially on tour, doesn’t it get lonely ? Being the front-woman and singer ? I know in pop culture sometimes, guys tend to have behaviors they shouldn’t have with the artist, has something like that ever happened to you ?
The guys are my best friends and there has not ever been any point where I’ve felt lonely. I’m blessed to have such incredible beings to call my friends/family. I’ve always been an equal in this band, and if at any point someone (in the band or out) treated me otherwise, I know they’d be the first people to stand up and defend me. 
I’ve received a few comments like “pretty good for a chick” and MANY perverted, objectifying comments following the release of the music video which are easy to ignore, but i’ve only encountered a handful of experiences like this face-to-face. 
7) What’s the message you’d like to pass on to the next generation or people listening to you ?
Be nice and f*ck what other people think. Do what makes you happy. Look after your friends.  
P.s. Girls rock. 
8) What are your favorite songs to play live ? 
Jealousy is probably one of the top favourites from the first EP! Closely followed by Cloud 9, but these new songs we’re bringing out overtake those x100. We can’t wait to play them all live.
9) Do you have a touring ritual ?
There’s no real touring ritual except for the fact that there’s always a mascot (usually a toy of some sort). Other than that, we always put our hands in and shout ‘Stateside’ on 3 before every show and meditate a little bit to calm the nerves. 
10) Which countries would you like to visit in the future ?
EVERYWHERE. Absolutely everywhere! But at the moment we’ve got our eyes on the UK and the states. 
11) Most importantly: if you could choose one label to get signed by, which would it be ? 
It’d be a fight between Hopeless Records and Fueled by Ramen. 
Thanks for the interview lads ! And all I can say, is that I do hope Hopeless Records and Fueled By Ramen won’t let their chance pass by and take an interest in you 😉 looking forward to see what’s next for you guys !

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