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Where to begin…

My inner self is considering writing a complete non-sense and random letters as teenagers do nowadays to express their happiness, but my adult self is a bit more composed and just screams internally, like one of those memes you see online.

Ok, let’s get to it, really.


Those are words I never thought I’d say in a sentence. And if you told 13 years old me that one day he’d get to see Busted live with the full line-up and in Paris, he wouldn’t have believed you. Then again, if anyone had told me a couple years back that I’d be writing this review because of said event, I probably would’ve laughed too. Cause this felt more like a dream than anything else.

It’s been a while since I’ve had butterflies before a show, mostly cause now I just look forward to it as a way to get my emotions out of my system, but this was different.

I look up to all the artists I love. But Busted ? Well. They’re basically one of the reasons why I got into playing music and got into pop-rock in the first place. It felt surreal. I was meeting the people who changed my life.

I know it sounds cheesy, and it must be something they’ve heard and grown accustomed to, but I can’t help it haha.

And I’ll never forget how I felt that night.

Ever since we got the news that Busted was coming to Paris, I had been waiting for this like the holy grail. Mostly cause I knew the venue, knew how it’d be, and compared to seeing Busted in an arena in the UK, this would feel like an intimate show. And it was.

I have to admit I didn’t pay much attention to anything till they showed up on-stage, mainly cause I had just met the band a few hours earlier, but also because I was simply too excited !

The lights go out. And there they are.

Matt, Charlie, and James.

The first bass line for Air Hostess is played, and the crowd goes mental.

This feels like a throwback to the early 2000’s where this band basically put the stepping stones for pop-rock bands to come.

What feels even crazy, is that the band never came to Paris before, yet everyone knew every word. And the crowd was very colorful too ! There were people with kids round 10-12, who were fans because their parents were, people who looked a bit more hard-rockers, people who must’ve grown thinking the same thing I used to:  «  never will I see them live and it’s a shame ». But I think I speak on behalf of everyone who’s ever been a fan of Busted and hadn’t been to a concert of theirs before, when I say « THANK GOD THEY’RE BACK ».

I think the band didn’t expect the crowd to react so vividly when everybody sang the line « when we flew over FRANCE ». I admit, I was on the side, and emphasized the name of the country myself and was encouraged to do so even more on the rest of the song when I saw that everyone else was doing it (and it felt good!).

And they came back strong with a new album, out since November 2016 (in case you haven’t heard it yet, you can check out my review here).

Not only was the album good, but the songs live are everything you’d hope them to be. Powerful, amazing, making you want to dance !

They followed with 3 tracks from their album Night Driver (amongst which the title track, and then the lead single On What You’re On), and they pursued with 2 oldies.

Now, everybody knows that bands have to sometimes « censor » the bad words on their songs, if they want radio airplay. But everybody will know that when James sings ‘You stupid lying…’, the following word is « BITCH » ! And everybody will fill in the blank voluntarily !

One of the songs I was most surprised to hear live, was I Will Break Your Heart. I was really REALLY happy cause of the sax solo that was coming at the end, and because it’s one of those songs that stick to your head with the way the chorus plays.

Then, it’s with much emotions that they get on with the song that NOT ONLY did they come back to, but also one of the most beautiful songs they have.

Meet You There is the perfect « I’m sorry » song, and it felt that way. ‘We’re sorry it took us that long, but we’re back and here to stay’, it almost sounded like that. That’s how I like to take it anyway. And my heart was almost weeping during that song, but god knows I was saving myself for later.

2 songs later, Sleeping With The Light On. First round of tears. Heartbreak, or simple separation of two loved ones, that’s the kind of theme we all relate to, and honestly, hearing « Shocks went through my veins now that she’s gone, I’m sleeping with the light on » kinda got me a little bit there.

If you’ve read my album review of Night Driver, you’ll know that I also was a bit of a mess when hearing New York, simply because the lyrics yet again.

3AM was one of the most awaited songs by everyone just for the pleasure to scream at the same time as the band before every chorus (and we even got a bit of Fightstar-Charlie on it when he screamed too, proving yet again the diversity and artistry of everyone in the band with Matt and James also being polyvalent on all the effects and instruments they use).

What I Go To School For, classic. Not only was the music video fun, but hearing that song live, you can see a glimpse of teenage Matt singing that song to his old high-school teacher, and you root for the guy, so you sing along with him !

One of my favorite songs on the new album (if not the ONE favorite song) is Those Days Are Gone, and I was so glad they played it ! This song gives me a nostalgic feeling and gives me something to look forward to. But in this case, I knew the concert was almost gone and I had tears coming again.

The encore for the show was this time set with their big come-back song, Coming Home. And in case you were doubting, believe me when I say that hearing this song live, hearing the people sing it back, and feeling the way I did through the song, they definitely came home to us !

Of course, what would a Busted show be without their multi-generational anthem, passed on ,since it came out, as one of the biggest pop anthem of the 2000’s and contrary to popular American belief, NOT A JONAS BROTHERS ORIGINAL, but really a BUSTED ORIGINAL, Year 3000.

Whenever I read online people saying that this song was by the JB, I lose my temper haha. Don’t get me wrong, I love the JBs, but come on…

Getting back to the show, this song is perfect as always as a closing song, and gets everybody in the mood to party and jump. And it’s with a bitter taste in my hear that the song ends.

This show felt surreal. Mostly ‘cause  I kept repeating myself « Oh my god, it’s Busted. You’re seeing Busted. You’re hearing Busted ». I didn’t take much pictures nor videos, not for lack of wanting, but because I wanted to enjoy the moment. I wanted to bathe in this happiness I was feeling, to see them live. And to see them in that venue.

Thanks James, Charlie and Matt. It wasn’t the Year 3000 just yet, but I sure felt like I took a Delorean back to 2003 and saw sparks fly from the moment you came on stage to the very last chord. Thanks for the dream guys !


  1. Air Hostess
  2. Thinking Of You
  3. On What You’re On
  4. Night Driver
  5. Nerdy
  6. Who’s David
  7. I Will Break Your Heart
  8. Meet You There
  9. Crashed The Wedding
  10. Sleeping With The Light On
  11. New York
  12. 3am
  13. What I Go To School For
  14. Those Days Are Gone
  15. Coming Home
  16. Year 3000

Here are a bunch of photos if you wanted to know what it was like seeing the band up-close 😉

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