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“You were my last young renegade” MUSIC VIDEO – ALL TIME LOW


Those were my exact thoughts when I first heard this song.

All Time Low is one of those bands that, no matter what, keep setting the bar higher and higher every time.

 It’s crazy to think that only a few months ago we didn’t know what was going and now we already have two singles out. And two videos out !
Except this time, it’s not just any video nor any single. It’s basically the whole concept behind the album. And the title track.

I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say, that All Time Low gave us a hint of arena-rock vibe with the song Runaways on their last album Future Hearts, but this time, they don’t seem to have settled for just a couple songs, but for a WHOLE ALBUM.

The song starts with a riff that gives you the feeling of being at the end of your own teenage movie, and it’s the theme song to your happy ending.
Get that I’m not saying this to criticize, but because that’s how I feel, and it’s honestly the best feeling in the world ! Feeling like you finally are getting the happiness you deserve. Sure the lyrics end up in “How could I let you go” but it also says “Don’t want to let you, I’d never let you go“.
This song feels like a huge anthem to never letting your one true love, your “last young renegade” get away and fight for love.
I think my favorite lyrics so far is still that one saying “I want to know that you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere down this road
Listening to this song on repeat all day was surely the best (and right) thing to do. Wanna know why ?
Simply cause it’s All Time Low, and this is the kind of song that will be your soundtrack for days, months and years to come whenever you’ll look back on a happy moment of your life. Does this feel cliché ? Sure. Aren’t we all a little cliché ? Of course we are.

Looking at the music video, I spot a couple things.
FIRST AND FOREMOST: this happens right after Dirty Laundry, Alex gets in the car and drives away.
I’d like to please clap to the idea of the band performing in the music video. I’m a sucker for that kind of music video where you actually SEE the band in it. I love a good video with a story behind and accordingly to the lyrics of the song, but to me, seeing a band in their own video is kinda important !
I would honestly have payed LOTS to be able to be one of those people at the show who seemed to not only have had a private All Time Low show, but also a preview for the song hehe !

SECOND AND LAST: I can hear the ringtone of Alex’s phone at the beginning and the small sound coming from the TV at the end, and they’re both the same, so maybe it’s a hint to the next single (as one of my best friend duly noted that the song on the radio in Alex’s car in DL was LYR) and also that it could be Nice2KnoU (thanks again to another one of my friends who sent the image captured on the tv on the last few seconds).

All in all, what I’d have to say about this:
Do I like it ? Of course. Do I like the music video ? Even more. Does this whole thing give us a reason to be even more excited for what’s to come regarding All Time Low and the Last Young Renegade album to come ? IT SURE DOES.

Be on the look out people, something tells me the band hasn’t even begun to give us the whole thing on this new album, the concept behind it, the stories they’re going to tell, and the greatness they’re about to achieve and polish with the one they already have 😉

Have a look at the music video, and get conquered !

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