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Quick post !

Hey everyone !

For the past couple days, I’ve unfortunately haven’t been posting, but it’s for 2 reasons.

1/ I’ve been busy writing the best reviews I could and finding the best music for you to enjoy.
2/ I’ve been packing for a little trip !

Indeed, I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a week away (why ? Suspense… You’ll find out more next week !)

So in the meantime, I wish you a good long week end (I know mine will be exhausting but exhilarating and full of emotions), and on that, I’ll leave you with two perfect songs which not only will give you a hint on my whereabouts, but also good tunes for the week end !

Have fun and be safe !

(and if you really feel like following my adventures, you can always follow me on twitter or add me on snapchat 😉      –> frenchtom34 )

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