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The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely (so far)…

The Maine.

Where to begin ? (I mean, look at all their pretty faces and smiles :’) )

My love for this band goes back to 2009 when I went to San Francisco for the first time (and unfortunately the last since I haven’t been since 😭 but that’s a whole other thing) and made my way into a Hot Topic, and browsed through the cds. I asked one of the guys in the staff if they could advice me on good american pop-punk and there, amongst the thousands of cds and bands, he picked out The Maine’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop album. And I. Have been. In love. Ever since.

They’ve been through a lot. So have I. And somehow, I feel like I’ve grown with them. Every album felt like renewal, and growing in their own music style, their own ways, and with their own touch. How can you not fall in love with them ?

After a successful couple years, supporting their album American Candy (which was awesome, like everything they’ve ever done!), The Maine gave us a good start this year by releasing new song Bad Behavior and announcing new album called Lovely Little Lonely.

Now, the album hasn’t even been out yet. And it’s already one of my favorites of 2017. How do I know ? I’m never disappointed in The Maine. And so far, with ONLY 2 songs out, they’ve convinced me enough.
I’ve bought both songs, before even listening to them (like I do with anything any of my fave-bands release) and I was right ! It’s awesome ! John’s voice is always so mesmerizing, I could listen to him sing me sweet lullaby to fall asleep forever. And the whole band’s unique touch, whether it’s Pat’s energetic drum-play (and hair-play let’s be realistic), Garrett slapping dat bad boy of his like Jesus of Bass-guitar, and Kennedy and Jared being so in sync, it’s like hearing their instruments talk to each other and compliment one another.
I honestly like the pop-rock sound they have, the lyrics are just oh so perfect, making you fall in love with both the band and making you want to fall in love with a stranger at a party and just be good and bad for each other and live love to the fullest. This band, is like a pop-punk Ed Sheeran. They make me wanna fall in love and know what love at first sight, or young and foolish love mean.

So please fall in love with them too and let me know what you think 😉

LOVELY LITTLE LONELY will be available worldwide on April 7th 2017

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